Apparently OGL stands for “Open Gaming License”. I don’t think they know what “open” means.

From what I hear, and note I’m not a tabletop RPG player but I follow quite a few on YouTube, someone from Microsoft was behind Wizard Of The Coast’s “open gaming license”, in which really it’s not open. If you do anything with their game mechanics they will claim it and take all the money you earned. And if they don’t like something you did (the false “racist” accusation comes to mind, where you can’t have evil races anymore because some orc’s feelings will be hurt) they will shut you down altogether. This has sent D&D fans away from the game and to other offerings. Pathfinder seems to be the one I hear the most. Apparently they were so convinced Dungeons & Dragons players were so obsessed with their game that they would pay WOTC for the right to make content. That kind of backfired in their faces.

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