He can also turn into Sentai heroes that predate Power Rangers.

This one isn’t the usual Ranger parody; it was based on a report that Power Rangers Samurai producer Jonathan Tzachor wasn’t recognizing the Disney-produced Power Rangers series as part of his canon. This annoys me since I enjoyed their version, AND they treated the Saban-produced series with a bit more respect rather than rebooting the Power Rangers universe.

In a thread at one of the forums I inhabit, it was noted that in the current Sentai series, Gokaiger, the “Rangers” of that series use keys that can transform them into any Sentai team ever. This not only included the Disney-era shows, but the early Sentai series that were too old to make it into the Power Rangers editing machine. It should be interesting to see how he works all that in, since Tzachor is known for staying a little too close to the original Sentai rather than using the footage to create something unique. (The current PR series is a good example, from what I hear about Shinkenger.)

Since this isn’t the usual Ranger parody I decided to go with the style I usually use for Leon’s perspective, even though it’s Jake making the comment at the end. That sets it apart from the usual “Power Ranger Parody” strips, which I’m trying to do in chronological order. I can’t wait to draw Lord Zedd.

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