Probably be big in Japan

This is something of a milestone for me. I picked up a pad of bristol board on sale, as it was time to graduate from copy paper, even if this isn’t the “big time” comic project I have in mind. Doing this strip is partly about doing something comic-wise to hone my craft.

The one I picked up is actually two-sided, one textured and one smooth. I recommend looking for that if you’re not sure which type you need and don’t want to waste money on a type you’ll end up never using again. After a test, I went with the smooth side, so that’s the one I’ll probably go for once this is finished, unless the textured will work for other projects. The only thing I think I’ll have to get used to is that the size board I’m using (9 X 12) is larger than I’m used to (8 X 11). However, when drawing on a shopping receipt proves easier than writing on the paper you’re using, it’s time to change your paper. I’ll just save all that copy paper for other things.

I had thought to use a marker to make the J&L style art different from the gag art, which I sometimes do. You can see with Leon’s eyes and nose how well that worked out, so I used my regular inking pens just like the gag art. I think next week or on my scrap paper I’m going to see how the Sharpie pen I usually use works out, since that’s easier to get than the inking pens (just go to any store with ink pens). The only problem is that I have to use PSP to get the line art as dark as I want it, but we’ll see. Although something is still occasionally happening to the art when I resize it for the site.

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