Apparently they can.

It’s a good thing I waited until posting day to add the dialog to this strip. That very day they posted a new picture that included (and possibly confirmed) a Superman costume that resembling armor plating. Has to be address in the next strip.

To be honest, I’m rather pleased with how the first panel came out. A year ago I wouldn’t have even tried this angle and while I’m sure there are people who could point out things I did wrong (note that this from early pics of the reboot Superman costume where they took out the red “undees” area) it’s still a sign of major improvement in my art skills.

You’re probably wondering why Superman is done in the “simple” style I use for some skits. Do you really want to see what he looks like in J&L style? Plus this is a skit, since we’ve already established that there aren’t any real superheroes in the Jake & Leon Universe. (Unless the Real-Life Superhero community exists there as well.) Just aliens from planet France.

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