Nobody complained when Batman was on his feet in less than a week…

One of the arguments being made by fans (not the usual DC crew) in favor of Barbara Gordon ditching Oracle to resume her role as Batgirl is that in a world with superscience and magic mixing together Barbara should be back on her feet rather quick. I would point out that Batman had his own back issues during the whole Nightfall/Nightquest event and I have yet to hear anybody argue that it took too long. Why isn’t everyone in the Justice League a cyborg like Cyborg? Heck, what’s keeping an ordinary citizen stuck with no arm or in a wheelchair?

The outside answer is of course dramatic tension. Barbara’s struggles with her situation, as Bruce’s during the aforementioned attack by Bane, makes the story interesting. Bruce had to work his way back to being Batman and nobody complains, and his injuries weren’t as bad as Barbara’s so he was able to come back while Barbara found a new way to help people as Oracle. Plus she RETIRED from being Batgirl even before the Joker crippled her. Why would she go back to being Batgirl when she serves a better and unique purpose as Oracle and you have Stephanie or Cassandra to be what Batgirl was, even under a different name?

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