I think we need to fix the electric in the J&L studio.

Originally, the comic was created as an opener to This Week’s Reviews. When the comic reviews went daily, I turned the Sunday article into “The Weekly Wrap-Up”, a collection of article links. However, putting that list together became more time-consuming than I though when I started working on other projects and got more work hours at the paying job.

So at this point, Sunday’s have been given over to the Jake & Leon strips, with some progress reports on my projects or other things I found interesting rather than a full article. Plus I still have the Best Scene of the Week Award to hand out.

On the art side, I tested out a different brand of bristol board. I was using a “recycled” double-sided one from Caston because I wanted to test out the two types, smooth and textured. However, it’s not always easy to tell them apart in a hurry and trying to color with it on the computer the way I do is a fight if I use the wrong side, plus getting the lines the way I want it. I may use the rest up for my video reviews but starting here I’m using a smooth-only pack from Strathmore, which I’ve heard praised on the Art & Story podcast and it was a lot easier to control my lines and colored without any issues. I think I’ll stick with this brand.

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