How would YOU represent the clay origin?

Yep. At this time DC decides to throw out the clay origin in favor of Zeus having another kid. Sure, it’s the first daughter I know of but DC really goes too far these days in pushing Wonder Woman so close to Greek myth she might as well be Xena: Warrior Princess.

I don’t think it’s being a hypocrite when your doing a parody versus creating a show based off of a kids show (Land of the Lost, Transformers, Smurfs) and not making it a kids movie.

Used a new brush pen for the hair and while Pitt pens are great for my art styles, they don’t do brush pens as well. I’ll keep the ones I have for stronger lines or back-up but I think the other brush pen I have works much better. Only I have to get ink cartridges for it. Still beats a jar of ink I can spill all over the place like the clumsy oaf I am.

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