I’m trying something new. If this “Vodpod” thing works the way it says, then I may have a way to get WordPress and Hulu to work together and post the actual episode on the blog for you to read. Will it work?

Apparently, it does. However, there’s no way to bring up to full screen, so we’ll try another approach.

click for today's episode on Hulu

click for today's episode on Hulu

That will have to do for now. Click the lame first attempt logo, and it will open a new window with today’s episode. Let’s see how that works. Hopefully I’ll fix the size problem in the future. I just found a wiki for this show , and they seem to have the show at a reasonable size, so it’s either my theme or Vodpod that’s the problem.

Ok, so let’s get into things, because I’m horribly late again, and that may happen for the next couple days, with the holidays and all. We begin with a lovely dinner prepared by Selina. Some time seems to have passed, and she and Boxey seem quite welcomed by Apollo’s family (including surrogate brother Starbuck). Adama praises her cooking and notes that “somebody” (hint, hint, Apollo) should snatch her up. I love Boxey’s comment that he learned in “instructional period” (aka school) that being slow doesn’t mean their stupid, just slow. With father and would-be son hitting him with a double hammer, he takes a hint, and informs the diners that he and Selina have agreed to wed. This, of course, leads to a second fun moment when Starbuck sees “that look” in Athena’s eye and beats a hasty retreat. Since Starbuck and Casseopeia don’t interact in this episode, I don’t know know if poor Starbuck is still trapped in the pilot episode’s love triangle or not. He’s fun to watch.

Called it last episode.

Called it last episode.

The next scene is kind of odd. It’s a repeat of Baltar’s being spared scene from “Saga of a Star World”, but some of the Imperious Leader’s lines have been altered. While he still spares Baltar, he doesn’t send him on a truce mission. He just gives him Lucifer and a “Base Ship” (still called a Base Star later on), and sends him on his merry way. MacNee still owns this character, and the now official opening.

Oh, this is interesting. Thanks to TV.Com and the aforementioned wiki, I just learned that Johnathan Harris is credited with the voice of Lucifer. Yes, the same Dr. Smith of another famous sci-fi series later given a questionable update, Lost in Space. Most fascinating, as I really don’t hear it, and I spotted him right away in Freakazoid. Sadly, TV.Com says he passed away in 2002.

So Starbuck and Apollo are off on patrol when they come across an area of space that is a complete void. No stars, and no signals can get through. (I should note that I had a screen capture of this, which is hard to do when you can’t pause without a big “play” symbol in your way, but the view only works in a moving picture. In a still shot, it just looks like any old space shot.) Apollo insists on investigating himself, and disappears into the void, losing communication and navigation. Probably not a good idea to die before your wedding day, Apollo. Just a thought.

Yes, Greenbean. Are you sure you want to find Earth?

Yes, Greenbean. Are you sure you want to find Earth?

Meanwhile, back on the ship, an officer named “Greenbean” has broken into Security’s booze “Ambrosia” locker (not alcohol at all kids, and there certainly aren’t going to be strippers, right Starbuck?) and made off with a few bottles. Suffice it to say they aren’t happy about it and track the bottles down, only to meet with Colonel Tigh, who claims the party is under his charge. Fun scene, but check who plays Greenbean. Even I recognize Ed Beagley Jr. and I don’t watch a lot of stuff he’s in. Interesting name by the way. Come to think of it, a number of these people are going to be teased when they reach Earth. Pray for poor Boxey.

While Starbuck rescues Apollo from the void (this is why he’s awesome!), Boomer and Jolly (two of the post-commercial credits people) find an asteroid that houses a Cylon listening post. (Don’t ask me how they walk around on an asteroid like there’s an atmosphere. It’s something they learn in Warrior school.). They think got away unnoticed, but it’s all part of Baltar’s plan. (I wish it wasn’t so dark in his command chamber that I can’t get a decent screen cap. John Colicos looks so cool, in an evil sort of way, in his chair.) His new dark attitude serves him better than the near-hysterical version of last episode. Baltar doesn’t think one Base Star is enough to take down Galactica and if he calls for reinforcements they might pick him up. However, he does have a plan, and orders the fleet followed out of scanner range.

"I shouldn't have eaten at the food court back on the asteroid."

"I shouldn't have eaten at the food court back on the asteroid."

On the way back to the ship, Jolly isn’t feeling well and just makes it into the hangar. Later at the party, Boomer collapses. Seems he didn’t remember to go through decontamination, and ends up infecting all the pilots. Doctor Salik is worried and later has to put the pilots in cryogenic suspension because they’re so sick. And another note. Casseopeia somehow took some medical lessons since we last saw her. The prostitute solicitor is now a nurse. You go, girl! Too bad your contamination suit is so silly looking, though. Sure, it’s not meant to be a fashion statement, but should it look that silly? A paint mask and goggles with a clear plastic poncho hood? What happened to the alleged oversized budget? Even Star Trek had better suits.

"Oddly, I had a client who found this sexy in my old 'profession'."

"Oddly, I had a client who found this sexy in my old 'profession'."

Adama and Tigh want to take the route Starbuck and Apollo took, but Apollo warns him about the starless “magnetic sea”, which interests Adama. He decides to head right for the void, and goes off to do a little research.

Later, Apollo drops in on his future family, and learns that Selina has been training to be a shuttle pilot. (Guess there isn’t a big need for reporters right now.)  Apollo send Boxey out to play, although the boy knows there’s going to be an argument–which he finds oddly amusing) and although Selina says there isn’t, Apollo says there is. He’s more than a little concerned about his future bride risking her life as a shuttle  pilot. (This would have been a good time to mention Zac.) However, Selina convinces him she’s really good, and he says she better be, marrying a fighter commander. Beautiful moment there.

Unfortunately, the fighter pilots are in such bad shape that Adama is forced to take time away from his research to recruit the shuttle pilots to be fighter pilots. Which leads to this little bit of eye candy:

Now <i>that's</i> a fashion statement!

Now that's a fashion statement!

“Pressure suits”. Right. I’m thinking this is Starbuck’s idea. 🙂 Another nice moment between Selina and Apollo later and the problem escalates. Now Doctor Salik thinks that it’s important to go back to the asteroid in hopes of finding a cure for the regular pilots. This means taking the new recruits out when they (“they” meaning Athena”) can’t get through the simulator without taking down Starbuck. (Maybe she’s getting him back for that dinner. Or Cassy.) Adama offers to keep the “lesser” pilots off (like say, a certain commander’s fiance? Captain Adama, general, father, and politician). While Apollo appreciates the guesture, to his credit he says he can’t keep one back when he should be keeping them all back. Way to not play favorites, Captain. Maybe you won’t get the couch tonight.

Actually, the ladies do rather well, despite a shaky launch. After Apollo decides to head off alone to take out any sentinels on their approach, another ship sneaks up behind the squadron. Starbuck takes out the ship, and Athena manages not to take out Starbuck. It’s a good day. (Another notation: Starbuck’s comment “for Sagan’s sake…” when asking his wing(wo)man not to take him down with the Cylon this time makes me wonder if writers Larson and Donald Bellisario were refering to science legend Carl Sagan?) Dietra is given command of the others, including Selina and Brie (who’s just so cute I want to hug her–non sexually, maybe a group hug with Marvel Adventures’ Tigra). Dietra kicks enough butt she should stay a Warrior when the others are cured. Selina gets to take one out, and poor Brie needs another hug as she keeps missing. Poor Brie. I want her to stay on the show, too, but maybe in a different role, like the girl in the control room with the weird hairstyle. Now my hugging her might not be completely for pure reasons otherwise. She’s cute. So’s Brie, act…ok, I’ll just stop now.

Baltar and Lucifer slyly blame each other for the change of events, with a small group headed for the asteroid and another for the starless void. Adama’s plan isn’t clear to them, but this could play into Baltar’s hands. He wants one of the pilots captured.

You know, I’m not sure why the producers went with a two-part story so soon after a three hour/part pilot, but they did. So next week (Perhaps on time, perhaps not), we’ll finish this story, and the unhappy ending to follow. Someone will not make it to episode 6.

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