Guess what I did today?

Took all afternoon

Took all afternoon

Yep, made myself a logo for the Friday Night Fights. Now I just need one for the rest of the features. But before I start that, I have tonight’s fight. I even came up with an event-specific logo just for the POW! Edition. So, Balactus Entertainment and Spacebooger Pay-Per-View presents:


Round 5


The Battlefield: Nintendo Comics System #9*/ Punch-Out

The Combatants:Little Mac vs. Piston Honda

The Staff: George Caragonne, Donald Hudson, Ken Lopez, Jose Marzan, John Ceballero, Sean Grissom (for some odd reason, Nintendo comics never had full credits, just a list of people on the side of the first page of a story)

*This is not completely accurate. Valiant’s first run of Nintendo comics, originally released slightly larger than normal, and with thicker paper, was reprinted sometime later on normal grade paper. I don’t know if they ever made new stories or not. However, these scans come from the comic labeled.

The Warm-Up

Valiant Comics was one of those independent companies founded by professionals who decided they had had it with the big two. While many of their titles were remakes of gone-to-public-domain series of old, they had also licensed Nintendo characters into the “Nintendo Comics System”, an imprint that included Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and Captain N: The Game Master, with a slight roster change, but that’s for another time. Punch-Out didn’t have it’s own comic, as I recall. (However, there was a Game Boy comic that had Mario being pulled out of the first “Super Mario Land” game by kids to stop the villain of that game from taking over our world. Everyone was about action figure size when they popped out. I’ll go over that sometime, too.) However, the game was used for backup stories, and this was “Punch-Out”, not “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”. I don’t know if the story came out before or after Iron Mike went psycho out of the ring and was banned from both boxing and his own game, since it could just be that Valiant only licensed the original characters.

As our story begins, our hero watching his next opponent, Piston Honda, in battle. Later, he finds Piston training with his sensei (since the word simply means “teacher”, not “coach” as Mr. Caption claims, it’s quite possible) and talking about how his home village needs a new school.


Oh, and I'll need a new punching bag.

Hey, actual game quote! Anyway, Mac feels bad that, should he win, Piston won’t have the money to help with the school. He offers “Mr. Sensei” the money just the same. However:


Is it honor or pride?

The Fight!

In the beginning, Mac is ready to throw the fight, and Honda is not pleased.


That's pretty much how I play.

Round 2 is no different, and Honda’s had it.


Somebody get him a working controller!

Honda’s not the only one disappointed. So is Mac’s trainer, Doc.


But if you win, you get your honor, and a load o' money!

With Honda’s prodding and Doc’s encouragement, Mac realizes that, being in Japan, honor is more important that the school. It’s part of the country’s culture, and it’s an insult to Honda–and to the village–to not give the fight 100%.

Somebody's been reading the strategy guide.

Somebody's been reading the strategy guide.

And so, Mac wins the fight, and his honor.

The Aftermath

Not everybody is happy about it, however. Honda’s fans need a lesson about honor themselves, and decide to teach Mac not to play fair.


Kind of miss the whole "competition" thing, don't they?

Luckily, Honda shows up, yells at his “fans” for showing such dishonor, and compliments Mac on giving him a worthy fight. Honda’s sensei was impressed that Mac did “what was right, though I know your heart was torn”. He says that if Mac ever visits their village, he will be welcomed as family.

Little Mac wins <i>ALL</i> the fights, even the debates

Little Mac wins ALL the fights, even the debates

This is not even a Christmas comic, and he shows the Christmas spirit. Perfect for the Christmas Spotlight…and the FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

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