Another week. Another pull list. Acutally, some of what I’m listing this week I may not get. I am at least curious to see them, but it’s a lot for one week and I’ve been so unimpressed with “main universe” comics as of late (notice how few Marvel Universe and DC Universe Proper titles show up in these lists?). Also there are my funds to consider. Still, let’s see what I’ll be checking out, then compare Sunday with what I actually get.

In other news, I started figuring out the “more” tag, which should keep the front page cleaner. Just click and you’ll get the full article. Ready?



Amazing Spider-Man Family #3 (Marvel)

I’m mostly looking at this for Mr. And Mrs. Spider-Man, if only to see if a writer can actually use the writer-hated Spider-Marriage. (Actually, once the Christmas stuff is over, I’ll have an article about Kurt Busiek, who gave the only anti-SM argument that was thought out and not insulting to fans or Mary Jane.) And we’re getting Baby May to boot. Maybe I’ll finally get to see how a Spider-Man changes diapers. 🙂 I’m also curious about the “Untold Tales” that involves Flash Thompson and how Peter could really knock him half-way to Kansas if he wanted to. (Flash would then be adopted by a kindly family and raised on a farm. Wait, that can’t be right.)  There’s also the reprint of Spectacular Spider-Man #200, the infamous goodbye to Harry Osborn, which still totally happened in Brand New Day, despite Harry still being alive, and now unmarried. Yes, I’m still bitter!

DC Holiday Special 2008 (DC)

Only looking, might not get. Sure, I’m curious to hear how the DCU claims the origin of Santa Claus (not that there aren’t origin on top of origin for the jolly ol’ elf). Dr. Light aiding with a Festival of Lights celebration (which would explain why it’s “Holiday” and not “Christmas”, if I didn’t trust any media to take as much Christ out of the season as possible), I assume, features the hero version before DC sucked the power of her. However, it’s a bit pricey, and I have issues with the main DCU. Still, we’ll see.

Ghostbusters: The Other Side #3 (IDW)

 This is your last chance, IDW! So far this series has failed to impress. Egon and Ray look like brothers, if not twins, and the trademark humor is gone. In fact, outside of one panel in the first issue, nothing has matched the movies and cartoons. I haven’t even listed the first two comics in my management program. If this fails to have what I like about the series, it’s off the list!

The Greatest American Hero #1 (of 3) [Arcana Comics]

I loved this show as a kid. My mom made me as close to a spot-on costume for Halloween as one can with iron-on fabric on a sweatsuit. She even got the belt. It was a great parody and decent family superhero adventure all in one. William Katt, who played the reluctant hero, Ralph Hinkley, is involved in the project, so the odds of being faithful to the sprit at least are good. I so hope my comic shop has a copy.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #31 [Marvel]

Yay, more Adverse Tigra and Luke Cage. And Tigra hangs out with Spider-Man, like Giant-Girl could have done had Ant-Man not been introduced. Fun is almost guaranteed. Only complaint in the previews: apparently Tony Stark isn’t trying to hide he’s Iron Man anymore. (Actually, that happened in Super Heroes as well.) I still miss MA: Iron Man.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel #1 [IDW]

Setting up the next chapter of the TF Movieverse, we get to watch the end of Sector Seven, and perhaps the rebirth of whatever replaces them by the end of the series. That’s all I need.

What If? Newer Fantastic Four [Marvel]

I love a good What If story. I like the Fantastic Four outfits for Spidey and Iron Man. I’m indifferent to the Hulk here, and I’ve about had it with Wolverine. I may see the “Origins” movie next year if my friends go, but otherwise, I just want to escape the guy. Even in the MA:Avengers preview linked to above, Wolvie gets a mention. I’m just tired of seeing him in 50,000 different titles!


Finally, a programming note. Next week is going to be incredibly busy for me, and the comic store will be closed Thursday, since it’s Christmas Day. Wednesday is Christmas Eve, so they might not be open, and I’m going to be either too tired from work or with family. Therefore, I probably won’t get my comics next week, unless I go on Saturday or something. So next week there won’t be a Pull List or This Week’s Review. That just means more to go over the week after. So next week, more last minute Christmas Spotlight postings.

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  1. Marci says:

    I got the Greatest American Hero comic and I loved it! It is retelling the origin story and going on from there. I am excited to see the future stories too! Everyone was in character, classic lines from the show were used. It was great all around.
    There are great things coming from William Katt’s Comic book company Catastrophic comics.

    Christopher Folino’s book Sparks, a superhero noir thriller, is going to be released on itunes/iphone in the form of flash animation. I saw a preview and it looks great! I was impressed. I can’t wait to see the full version.


  2. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    Thanks for rubbing it in. The store was out. 😦 However, they can get me one in two weeks, so at least it’s not another Iron Man:Golden Avenger.


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