The holidays are over and I’m still cleaning the junk out of my head (hate colds), but I’m back in the fight. Tonight we go back to the Transformers, only now we’re in the movieverse. This prequel was actually one of two comics distributed exclusively at Target stores, although I never saw either comic there. However, I did get the PDF comics from Target’s website. IDW later went back and reprinted both comics into one special (which I put in between issues 3 and 4 of the previous Prequel comics), which is where the scans come from.

Spacebooger wages battle to destroy the evil forces of…  

And they're more than meets the eye

 Round 9

The Battlefield: Transformers Movie Prequel Target Special #2 (reprinted in Transformers Movie Prequel Special)

The Combatants: Decepticons versus US Military/Sector Seven.

The Promoters: Chris Ryall (writer), Don Figueroa (artist), Josh Burcham (colorist), Robbie Robbins (letterer) and Ted Adams (editor)

The Warm-Up:

If you saw the movie (and if you didn’t why the heck not?) you know the Decepticons and Autobots came to Earth seeking the All-Spark cube, the source of their very existance. What you may not know is what happened when the Decepticons first arrived on Earth.

This was the last time Starscream let Frenzy make travel arrangements.

 This is that story.

The Fight:

The Decepticons thought they landed undetected. This was not the case, as they’re immediately set upon by a military vehicle. And Wreckage (a toy exclusive character not seen in the movie, but plays a part in the current Alliance prequel for the next TF movie, Revenge of the Fallen that I reviewed recently) lives up to his name.

Like taking energon from a protoform

Like taking energon from a protoform

 So Wreckage takes on his toy the Earth vehicle form, and everyone decides to attack the base. It’s what Decepticons do, after all.  So how well does the military fare?

Piece of oilcake

Piece of oilcake

Not that our boys don’t get a good shot in.

This is how Michael Bay cuts you out of a movie.

This is how Michael Bay cuts you out of a movie.

However, this battle is all Decepticon.


Don't worry, kids. It was just a stun blast. Yeah, stun blast.

The Aftermath:

The next attack is the one we all know from the movie. So go see the movie already. It’s on HBO, DVD, and there are probably places to download them (please choose the legal route, okay? They worked hard and put a lot of money into it, so they deserve the reward as much as you would), so watch this movie now! And then catch the IDW stories, and go see Revenge of the Fallen, in theaters this summer.

No, they’re not paying me, but they’re more than welcome to.

 More Round 9 action!

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