A great tv series was Sledge Hammer, both a cop show and Dirty Harry parody all wrapped together with whatever oddity they could get away with (which was quite a bit). But did you know it was also a comic? It was, and it is from here that tonight’s fight commences.

Trust Spacebooger, he knows what he’s doing.

logofnf-pow1Round 10

The Battlefield: Sledge Hammer #2 {Marvel}

The Promoters: Jim Salicrup (writer), Alex Savilik (penciler), Sam Delarosa (inker), Rick Parker (letterer), and Evelyn stein (colorist)

The Combatants: Sledge Hammer, Dori Doreau, and Captain Trunks versus police corruption

The Warm-Up:

I’m not going to go into great detail now, but let’s just say thanks to a corrupt anti-corruption campaign by  police Commissioner Schmissioner, his flunky Ollie Naught, the prison warden’s evil daughter (who fell onto Sledge’s car from a few hundred stories up, but survived because she’s a pro wrestler), and a guy dressed as Spider-Man (the one who tossed her off–I should tell this story someday), Sledge was paired up with Captain Trunks and seperated from his beloved partner.

Well, what did you think I meant?

Well, what did you think I meant?

Oh, and Doreau, too. Long story short, our heroes find out about the Commish’s evil plans, get captured, and thus sets up…

The Fight:

So Sledge is being tickle tortured to give up Prison Warden Warden (no, that’s not a typo), who has evidence that can put the baddies away. However, Ollie Naught forgot one detail. Gun or no gun…

Sledge Hammer vies for the title of Chris Sims's favorite cop.

Sledge Hammer vies for the title of Chris Sims’s favorite cop.

He’s still Sledge Hammer! So Sledge drags Naught to rescue his comrades. Dori is being tortured with the New Hollywood Squares, and Trunk is tied to a chair being forced to watch her watch the New Hollywood Squares.

Somehow, I doubt that coal's going in a stocking.

Somehow, I doubt that coal’s going in a stocking.

Pretty tame by Sledge standards. His family reunions are rougher.

Pretty tame by Sledge standards. His family reunions are rougher.

However, there’s still Benny the Bald Bruiser Spider-Man to deal with.

This is why Sledge is my pick for Norman's "new friend" in Dark Reign.

This is why Sledge is my pick for Norman’s “new friend” in Dark Reign.

The Aftermath:

The corrupt Commissioner and his pals are in jail, Sledge has his partner back (and Dori, as well), Trunks is back in charge, all it’s a happy ending for all!

"You know, I keep thinking I forgot something."

“You know, I keep thinking I forgot something.”

Well, almost all. Maybe he can watch more Round 10 action. Of course, he’ll have to type with his nose or something.

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