3 votes last week. That’s pretty cool. I’m not sure how I top that, so I won’t try. Instead, let me introduce you to Dramog. Dramog is a demon in the service of Satan, and part of the Vrakil, Hell’s elite. He also talks like the Hulk and thinks he’s the strongest one of all. Unfortunately he’s not realized three important details:

  1. He’s up against the Archangel Darius
  2. He’s in the Christian comic that knocked the X-Men down the charts a bit
  3. According to my Spacebooger desk calendar, it’s time for…


The Battlefield: Archangels the Saga #5 (July 1997)

The Promoters: That’s a lot of names. Patrick Scott and John Legar (one of the letters) created and wrote the story. There are 6 different colorists, the pencils are by Matthew Clark and Scott Sirag, and the inker is Russ Sever.

The Panel:


Don't worry, God will heal that jaw. You may need to call someone about the wall, though.

Cliff Notes: For some reason, Satan has taken special interest in a boy named Justin, so the Angels are called in to help him. Like I said, Archangels: The Saga, or at least the first few issues, knocked X-Men down the charts back in the 90’s. If it had been released monthly, or even bi-monthly, who knows what numbers it would have pulled down. Sadly, I don’t have every issue, but when it comes to those darky stories I’m always complaining about, ATS was the right way to do it, as it was essential to the story. (The comic was still “recommended for 12 & up, so it didn’t pull many punches for a Christian comic.) Originally produced by “Eternal Studios”, the comic and it’s sequel, Archangels: The Fall, are available by Cahabra Productions, (although the site hasn’t updated in years, so that may no longer be the case) and I highly recommend it.

I also recommend you head over to check out more Round 3 action, and vote for your favorites.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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