As foretold, Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil has yet to reach here. If you have a copy, it means Diamond continues to hate me. So I have two new comics, and to make my three comic minimum (my rule is to have at least three comics to make the trip worth it), another old comic I didn’t buy at the time. If you can’t guess which one it is yet, you haven’t been paying attention. But never mind that. First the new stuff, with the spoiler-blocked stuff, as usual, available at ComiXology by clicking the titles. (Click the cover for larger version.)

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #4Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade #4 (of 6)

PUBLISHER: DC Comics (under Johnny DC imprint)

WRITER: Landry Q. Walker

ARTIST: Eric Jones

COLORIST: Joey Mason

LETTERER: Sal Cipriano

EDITOR: Jann Jones

A cat, empowered by a chemically-altered chunk of Kryptonite, is transformed into Streaky the Supercat. But unlike his earlier incarnations, this one appears to be kidnapping the students of Stanhope. Only Supergirl, Belinda, and Lena are around. But when Lena learns that Linda is Supergirl, can they stop Streaky and save…ah,this sounds too dramatic considering the wild ride to follow, doesn’t it?

What they got right: The return of Moon Supergirl! Making the “reset button” work when it comes to Lena (and now we know how she’d react to knowing her best friend is a Kryptonian). A cameo by the Supermobile. Our three favorite girls working together to stop a cat kidnapper. Yes, you read that right…the Supermobile! There is such love and fun pumped into every issue. They’re not just a bunch of nostalgia cameos; they actually fit in where they’re put. As a bonus: Belinda gets attacked by Streaky twice. It’s no Wolverine getting eaten by a dinosaur, but I’ll take it. They also make the twist ending work. That alone deserves props.

What they got wrong: No explanation for why Belinda tries to help Kara keep her secret (even though it was actually Streaky), considering turning Kara/Linda’s best friend against her should be within Belinda’s “make my alpha’s life miserable” game plan. There’s also a word balloon that looks like it should be Belinda’s but is pointing more towards Supergirl. Hey, I have to stretch for this section when it comes to this comic.

Recommendation: A letter writing campaign to either get more Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures comics produced or a “Moon Supergirl” graphic novel. This comic should not end.

You're sure this will help my back?Transformers: Defiance #2 (of 4)

TIE-IN: Revenge of the Fallen movie prequel


WRITER: Chris Mowry

PENCILERS: Dan Khanna & Andrew Griffith

INKERS: Andrew Griffith with John Wycough

COLORIST: Josh Perez

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

On a little planet called Earth (ever hear of it?) the ancient Egyptians are on the run from a strange lightning strike. In the pyramid they’re building is a symbol any Transfan would recognize: the same one Megatron and his little friends will soon be using. Speaking of Megs, after the artifact with the same symbol restores him from last issue’s battle, he declares marital law and drafts all Autobots, both military and sciences, to destroy the invaders. Not happy with this, Optimus tries to persuade others not to join in Megatron’s growing madness. After decimating the aliens, Megatron tells Starscream that he has bigger plans–to conquer the surrounding planets! Cybertron, of course.

What they got right: I do like the alien and mechanical designs, both the alien ships and the Cybertronians. We do get so good characterization, and the story of the way Movieverse Megatron starts up the Decepticons is more interesting here than the IDW G1 Megatron in the Origins miniseries.

What they got wrong: Not that I don’t have an issue with Megatron being coerced with evil artifact origin. It’s not like he wasn’t already on the road to the Pit (Transformer version of Hell, as in Beast Wars: Transformers), and it’s strange to see any version of Megatron refer to having a “master”, much like Doctor Doom in the recent Marvel comics. (Bendis!) Still an improvement over Origins, though.

Recommendation: Go into it knowing it’s a set-up for the Movieverse and you’ll be ok. Nothing major here, although the artifact may well play into the movie. Sadly, I’m getting a Unicron vibe here. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m also hoping they’re not actually going to use the Fallen. Worst Furman character since the Neo Knights.

Best Scene of the Week

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

But are we in the same book?

But are we in the same book?

Honorable Mention: same comic

Sorry, Supermobile trumps Moon Supergirl

Sorry, Supermobile trumps Moon Supergirl

It’s just not a month without a Supergirl daydream. Even one that gets hit in the face by reality. So, you may ask, which back issue did I pick up for my three comic minimum?

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #16Marvel Adventures:The Avengers #16

You know you saw that coming!

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics (duh)

WRITER: Jeff Parker

PENCILERS: Steve Scott & Ronan Cliquet

INKERS: Nathaniel Massengill & Amilton Santos

COLORIST: Val Staples

LETTERER: Dave Sharpe

COVER ARTISTS: Grummett, Pallot, & Sotomayor



EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

The Avengers are attack by the new Masters of Evil at just the same time that Hawkeye comes seeking to join up. (And hit on Storm and Giant Girl.) The heroes aren’t sure what to make of him, but let him tag along. However, it seems the MoE pull off some crime just when the Avengers are busy elsewhere. Eventually, however, the good guys win and Hawkeye is allowed to sign up.

What they got right: Nice bit of characterization for MA Hawkeye, what with hitting on all the ladies and such (personally I would hook up with Giant Girl, but MA Jan still has a thing for MA Hank, who isn’t a wifebeating jerk–TAKE NOTE, 616!…sorry, had to. The fact that he’s not fully trusted by the team could harken back to the 616’s former life of crime. Egghead…sorry, Elihas Starr, is a good villain (did he have a 616 counterpart running MoE at any point?), and is this the first appearance of Man-Bull? I’ll have to look him up. Good line by Elihas: “Planting a fake hero to try and join the Avengers would have been a good idea.” Like that never ends well. 🙂 And Karl cameo!

What they got wrong: I’m sorry, Man-Bull just doesn’t work for me. Oh, like it’s my fault Parker and his crew never give me a lot to complain about on this series!

Recommendation: If you’re honestly not sure what I’m going to write here, then welcome to the BW Media Spotlight. Obviously you’re new here. Oh, and BUY THIS SERIES! You’ll thank me later.

And so we come to the end of another review section. Tune in next time when you’ll hear Doctor Bob say “hey, wait, this isn’t the Muppet Show”!

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