Although they were Saturday morning heroes before I was born, I first learned of many of Hanna-Barbera’s super heroes when they were collected for syndication as Hanna-Barbera’s World of Super Adventure. Not all the heroes were as popular, or appeared on WoSA as often as Space Ghost, Mightor, or Birdman. Among those were Frankenstein Jr. (HB’s answer to Gigantor), and the Impossibles (a trio of heroes who spent their downtime as the super music band…the Impossibles). They were a bit more on the comical side, but they were fun stories, and in their original release shared the series (as seen in the Impossible link).

For the final issue of Hanna-Barbera Presents, Archie Comics gave the heroes their own issue. Each had a solo story, and then a team-up story, complete with a Fantastic Four cover homage. You know the one I mean. However, I can’t show you the cover, but I can show you the splash page from the third story. And now it’s take-off time for Spacebooger’s World of …

Friday Night Fight: One Panel of Pain!

Round 9

The Battlefield: Hanna-Barbera Presents #8 [Archie Comics/October 1996]

The Promoters: Bill Matheny (writer), Bill White (penciler), and Jorge Pacheco & Scott Awley (inkers).

He prefers classical to rock and roll.

Everyone's a music critic. (click to make Franky-sized)

Cliff Notes: The alien up there has taken control of Frankenstein Jr. Buzz Conroy tapped into the Impossibles’ communication signal with their boss (it’s not like figuring out their real identities is all that difficult–they have the same name in both jobs) and calls the heroes in to help restore Franky’s good guy programming.

Head to Spacebooger’s site and vote for this week’s One Panel of Pain.

Since I’ve taken the week off, I’m not linked to the voting page this week.

Interesting notes: Fluid Man, Coil Man, and Multi-Man share their powers three members of another HB super team: The Harlem Globetrotters! Seriously! In addition to their own cartoon, where they trotted around the globe playing basketball and getting caught up in wacky adventures (this is the version you see as part of the New Scooby-Doo Movies), they had a second cartoon: Super Globetrotters! In that series, they were sent off by a basketball satellite to battle evil. It’s the kind of show you only enjoy as a kid. Or high. And I can accept a lot being neither.

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3 responses »

  1. Scott says:

    I loved the SuperGlobetrotters! LOVED ‘EM!

    Of course, I also loved the Hair Bear Bunch and H.R. Pufnstuf, and every time I’ve seen them since I grew up, I’ve wondered just how weird a kid I was…


  2. Degu Dunkenstein says:

    I used to watch those super Globetrotters…Curley Neal’s head would turn into a basketball. Weird stuff. Better than Turbo Teen at least.


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