The time has come. It’s the final round in the One Panel Of Pain. Time to bring our A-Games, and time once again to prove that when you have a ring capable of creating any hard-light construct you can think of, an artist who watches too much Cartoon Network and science fiction is better than a full-of-himself test pilot.

For the record, Spacebooger is part of the Black And White Lanterns, hence why his comic isn’t in color. The emotion?

Friday Night Fight: One Panel of Pain!

Works about as well as the rest of the Technicolor Lantern “emotions”.

The Battlefield: Green Lantern #53 [DC Comics–July 1994]
The Promoters: Ron Marz (writer), Darryl Banks (penciler), Romeo Tanghal (inker), Steve Mattson (colorist), and Albert De Guzman (letterer), Eddie Berganza (assists), and Kevin Dooley (editor)


"Tickets, please. Tickets, please."

Ok, take a good look here. Not only is Mongul getting a train where the sun don’t shine, Kyle was also able to get a track down without him realizing, and wrote the name “Slamtrak” on the side. How often do you see a super hero use a train against a super villain?

Cliff Notes: Mongul escaped prison and ruined Kyle and Alex’s training session. (Back before someone had the stupid idea of killing Alex off.) Superman came after him, and was surprised to see the new GL on the block (having not heard about what happened to Hal), and the fact that the yellow weakness was gone. While Kyle pretty much gets smacked around by Mongul, Superman holds his own, but only barely, until Alex challenges her boyfriend to come up with something big to stop the space baddie. He came up with Slamtrak!

Vote for your favorite final One Panel of Pain!

And based on past history, this is the last round in the One Panel of Pain. Start placing your bets now on the next topic for the Friday Night Fights!

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