Nicodemus Legend (alias B-W–no connection–or G.B. Blackrock over at has issued a call for bloggers to celebrate Transformers 25th anniversary. The Marvel comic was released on May 8th 1984 by his calculations. And I do love me some new readers Transformers.

The problem is I didn’t hear about it until the 6th, and it’s been a busy week, further complicated by my allergies acting up and sapping my mental power. So I didn’t get the chance to write a whole post about my history and love of everyone’s favorite Robots in Disguise, or even a post defending their often put down cousins, the GoBots. (I also love me some GoBots, so I’ll have to do that article at some point anyway.) I also have a wedding to go to tonight (not mine), so all I have time to do is link around to my various Transformers-related articles. I hope that’s enough. I’ve broken it down to their categorical appearances:

Friday Night Fights

Transformers: The Final Battle That Wasn’t: My very first Friday Night Fight, and the first proof that Shockwave knows a good Friday Night Fight. Actually, he’s shows up quite a bit.

Decepticons On Target: From the Target exclusive comic later released by IDW to the masses, the Movieverse Decepticons take on the US Army. Yeah, guess who wins.

Blast of the Past: Not actually one of my entries, but it was one of my choices in the Uppercut edition of the Best Of… postings.

Shockwave’s Ungrateful Brat: Shockwave returns to the fight, and he brought Jetifire. And Jetfire brought his fist.

Poetic Justice: Cybertron Style: Megatron dies not from Prime’s attack, but embarrassment.

Now he’s an only child: Shockwave continues to dominate the FNF, with a Crimson Twin to pay the price.

Saturday Night Theater/other video

Transformers: Redemption: Studio Draken made an excellent first episode of a fan series on Cybertron. Now I’m just waiting for episode 2.

Revenge of the Fallen trailer: Most notable after my review of the trailer is the discussion with Chris W. about what went wrong in the first movie. Three words: “Sam’s Happy Time”.

Mac vs PC: Forget the young punk and heavy-set guy! The commericals would have been much better with these would-be Transformers. Mac would still be wrong, though. 🙂

Scanning My Collection

Transformers: G.I. Joe: My review of Dreamwave’s only crossover between the Hasbro lines.

G.I.Joe vs. The Transformers: The much superior Devil’s Due version wasn’t without it’s flaws.

G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers II: My favorite of the series

And coming soon a review of the G.I. Joe versus the Transformers: The Art of War, the third series which shows up quite a bit in the search for list in my stats reports. In other comics news, artist Frank Springer recently passed away, in case you hadn’t heard. And if you check out all the This Week’s Reviews I’ve done since the site started in October, you’ll find many comic reviews from the current IDW series.

So why so much love for the Transformers on this site? Transformers is the only thing from my childhood that has existed almost non-stop since the day of release. Masters of the Universe? Disappeared and sadly failed at two comebacks. Star Wars? While I enjoy the movies, the only stories that really interest me are the ones with the Droids, but everyone else wants to see the Jedi and Boba Fett, so I lose out. Anything else, like Legos and Colorforms, predate my existence, not to mention what I consider my childhood years.

Marvel’s The Transformers was also the first comic I collected regularly as a kid. I first heard about it in issue #5, and started collecting it at #6. I now have all the issues from the Budiansky run, which I prefer over the Furman years. I have those in GN collection form from Titan, and as a storytelling blog, you’ll soon be reading me rip him a few new ones over some rather annoying things in his comics. However, I won’t ignore Bob’s missteps and Simon did do a few things I liked. Overall, though, I do wonder how he usurped Bob’s throne as the “god” of Transformers.

The cartoon was one I caught every week, and then every weekday. It’s my favorite childhood cartoon, after Filmation’s Flash Gordon and before the various Superfriends. Even now I try to watch and read every Transformers story I can, but mostly fan comics, fan film, the official comics and TV shows, even the sadly lackluster “Unicron Trilogy” of Armada, Energon, and Cybertron. Not so much fanfic or novels (although I do have both Movieverse novels), since seeing them is more fun, just like Godzilla (#3 on my favorites list), although I can get into a Doctor Who novel (#2 on my favorites list).

The toys are neat because you can play with them numerous ways. You can follow the whole Autobot/Decepticon bit, just use them like your regular toy cars/planes/whatever, or mess around and find new alternate or enhanced modes. Also the concept of living robots with real emotions appeals to me.

Then there’s the fandom. There have been some real interesting discussions that work much better discussing living alien, shape-shifting robots that you couldn’t do with “organic” lifeforms. There are just so many storytelling possibilities from the base concept, without even getting into the specific Cybertronians.

So that’s my quick article celebrating the Transformers on their 25th comic anniversary. The Friday Night Fight finale for the “One Panel of Pain” tournament is tonight, and even though it doesn’t involve Transformers, I still think I went out with a slam. Otherwise, I’ll be celebrating the institution of marriage. Transform and roll out. (I think I had to say that.)

And don’t forget the new movie comes out in June, and I’m planning a series of articles as a movie primer.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, “it’s enough.” I’m just looking to expand the network of awareness about the anniversary. This entry does that admirably. Thanks for taking part!

    Mark Baker-Wright (aka Nicodemus Legend, alias B-W, or G.B. Blackrock) 🙂


  2. joevill says:

    Excellent article ShadowWing Tronix!


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