The 1981 movie Clash of the Titans was a showcase for co-producer Ray Harryhausen, whose magic with stop-motion was almost as legendary as the mythological characters in the film.

Even today, fans and movie geeks look foundly on the film. It was a fun little flick, not so much kid friendly (what with monster decapitation, limbs being chopped off, people being shot with arrows or turned to stone) as it was mildly family friendly (if the kids were old enough). It didn’t take itself too seriously and was a lot of fun.

So naturally, Hollywood wants to remake it. Contrary to the opinion of Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly, I believe that many fans (granted, not all) would embrace a proper remake that adhered to the spirit of the original, but used modern SFX in place of the old stop-motion.

This is not that remake.

Clash of the Titans was a very loose adaptation of the Greek mythological story of Perseus, who killed Medusa to save his mother (long story), met a woman along the way and saved her from the Kraken…you know, your usual Springtime activities. Harryhausen and associates were able to get some rather big name stars, even Sir Laurence Olivier and Burgess Merideth. (I believe this was the movie that made Harry Hamlin a big name, but remember I was nine when this came out.) This was the kind of movie most of today’s “celebrities” wouldn’t touch. It wasn’t deep. It wasn’t “badass”. It was a fun little popcorn movie.

The new version, at least from the trailer, appears to be nothing like that. It looks like it wants to be God of War. There’s not much on the official website to convince me otherwise, mostly because the only thing there is the trailer at the moment. However, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they’re going for an “R” rating, because Hollywood, like the comic industry, hates anything that can be considered “family friendly”, due to some fans who equate “family friendly” with “kiddie crap”. Because they’re idiots. It’s not the same thing.

The original was a fun movie, and this looks like it wants to be another action flick. Now don’t get me wrong. It honestly looks like it could be a good movie from that standpoint, and I’m sure those who haven’t seen and loved the original may enjoy it. So might I. On the other hand, as IMDB poster zaphod67 said, the legend of King Arthur has been done time and again, but the title and basic plot (beyond the myth) weren’t used again. So why not do Perseus’ story from a new angle and call it “Quest for Medusa”, or simply “Perseus”. No fuss, no muss, no stepping on anybody’s toes.

And one more thing:

If there’s no Bubo, then a grave injustice was done on this movie! It’s not Clash of the Titans without a goofy clockwork owl!

First War of the Worlds, then The Day The Earth Stood Still…what are these guys going to “improve” next? The Neverending Story?

Orfortheloveof…..this isn’t treading on thin ice! This is taking a jackhammer to it in a speedo! Somewhere the Childlike Empress is huddled in a corner scarred. If anything represents the Nothing, it’s Hollywood. Dreams and imagination are replaced with the current social/political cause and the almighty (although not as mighty these days) dollar. I’m already predicting the living essence of “This won’t end well” creeping in. We’re talking my favorite movie of all time now. Again, a good remake would be awesome, and I really want to read the original novel. I really do. I just have that little trust in the media today to not screw this up royally!

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  1. Adam Kubias says:

    It is absolutely hilarious because Bubo is in the movie. Ergo, no grave injustice.


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