Sorry, was that too much of an introduction...?

Sorry, was that too much of an introduction…? (actual line from the first strip)

Note the spelling. The comic (and namesake character) we’re looking at today is called StupidFox, just like my screen name is ShadowWing, just without the “Tronix”. I wonder if we have a similar history?

Usually when I do the “Interviews From The Con” videos there’s at least on person who isn’t comfortable being on camera and interviewed about their web or self-published comic. That happened this year with E.Y. Chan. (The “E” stands for Emily, the “Y” I assume is her middle initial.) I did peek through the book she was selling and found the art interesting so I took her card anyway because didn’t have the money to take the book. Maybe next time. The comic in question was StupidFox, which I checked out due to curiosity. What a fun little comic I found.

Usually in fiction foxes are treated as pretty smart. You know, “sly as a fox” and all that. StupidFox however, is about as sly as a brick. I mean it’s right there in the name: he’s a stupid fox. Or is he? From the about page:

…Spelled as one word. StupidFox is a fox. He is also the main character in the series of comic strips drawn by Emily Y. Chan (E.Y. Chan). The idea behind StupidFox originated from a small sketch of a cartoon fox in the corner of Emily’s high school notebook back in 2005. A remark from classmate who said the character was “stupid-looking” (or the equivalent) eventually propelled it to become the 4-panel comic series it is now.

The driving force behind the StupidFox strips are it’s moments of childish and careless, moronic brilliance as well as his interactions with his companion friends, Raccoon, Bunny, and Bird. Each of them contribute their own personalities and reactions that bring to question if StupidFox is really stupid as his name states, or if his actions are simply misunderstood.

The StupidFox series uses simple artistic styles to stress the theme of simplicity in a complicated world: a world that is filled with obstacles and distractions. No matter the situation, StupidFox overlooks the negative by reacting carelessly with vacant stares and breaking of fourth walls, only to bring to light the important lessons and pleasures that we may overlook on a day to day basis.

A StupidFox is still a fox.


Maybe I should have opened with this strip?

What makes the comic interesting, besides the fitting art style, is that it doesn’t break from the perspective of StupidFox and his friends. Humans pop up rarely. It’s all the silly misadventures of this little group of friends trying to figure out us two-legged things. There’s no dialog, either. Instead of word balloons you have the occasional image balloon to understand what the characters are trying to say. There are also times it will play with what the reader expects.


That’s not what they mean by self-control!

She also does these really cute one-shots for holidays or just for fun.

That's what the Paas mascots are missing; a fox.

That’s what the Paas mascots are missing; a fox.

Everybody has a favorite animal and mine would be a fox. (Except for that one that went after my cousin’s chickens. Jerk!) That and the style made me check out the comic and reading through it led to me adding it to my RSS feed reader. Which is a good thing, because the comic doesn’t seem to update with any regularity. I do recommend checking the comic out and maybe you’ll add it to your feed as well. When you’ve had a bad or just blah day, maybe a little fox and his friends can give you a little smile.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    This does look an interesting comic strip. I’m not much for foxes since a few years back, a fox tried to make a meal of my old cat Rascal (luckily, my father was also outside and threw an object at the fox to make it run off). Even so, I would still be willing to read more of these strips.


    • So Rascal could fight off dogs but not foxes?


      • Sean says:

        The fox incident was after my parents moved out of the town you and I grew up in. By that time, Rascal was an old cat, not as quick as he used to be. My father was doing yard work at my parents’ new home which is in a town that is heavily wooded with lots of wild creatures. Rascal was sitting nearby hanging out. While this occurring, a fox was creeping up from behind getting ready to pounce on him. That’s when my father noticed and threw a heavy object at the fox. There’s lots of wild things in the town my parents live in now. For example, there’s a family of bobcats that my parents see at least once a week in their yard.


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