And the rest of you. Sadly, even the Nostalgia Critic

I'm looking at YOU, VH-1!

Honestly, this isn’t half of the comedy gold that lies on the twin worlds of Eternia and Etheria. However, VH-1’s version of “I Love the 80’s“, also the last guys to ask about Transformers or ALF (I couldn’t find the footage of either), went straight for gay jokes (no pun intended), which is something I don’t remember in the show. Maybe because the Nostalgia Critic remembered that part for me? I don’t know, but expect a full rant sometime in the future.

Don’t forget to click on the comic for some behind-the-scenes on in-jokes and art style games. And now the rest of the week’s business:


  • A great bit of charity work by the National Cartoonists Society on behalf of a comatose teen.
  • Newsarama is speculating as to whom would make a good replacement for vacating DC Comics publisher Paul Levitz. So many bad choices. Bruce Timm is the closest they have to a good idea. Honestly? Jeff Loeb? I could write an entire post on why that’s a bad idea, but what I already know is gross enough without the further research I’d have to do to be objective. (This is an opinion blog, but I like to get my facts straight.)
  • Marvel and the Kirby estate aren’t getting along very well. The estate believe it deserves a piece of the recent movie action. What stake does Kirby have in Spider-Man again? Fantastic Four I could understand.
  • ComiXology’s Shaenon K. Garrity reminds me why I don’t read Wizard.
  • Silver Age Gold wants to introduce a new “Age” title to go with “Silver”, “Gold” and “Bronze”, the “Tarnished Age“. I vote in favor.


  • This CBR article includes a look at the new Tron: Legacy lightcycle (one of the only good sights at Spike TV’s alleged video game award show) and the possibility of the Clash of the Titans remake being done in 3D (news just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?)
  • They’re darkening up The A-Team. Just another day at the studio. I should sue them for inner child abuse. Who’s with me! Why do you hate the past so much, yet keep raiding it for plot ideas and character names that never match the original version, Hollywood?
  • The latest news on the live-action Green Lantern movie. I’m trying to decide if it’s a good idea or not. I guess it depends on which version of Flash Gordon they’re going with.
  • Look, if Iron Man 2 is even half the movie the first one was, I’m going to love it. However, Jon Favreau takes a shot at the secret identity, and reminds me of one of the reasons I don’t read Marvel proper anymore.
  • Two bits of Doctor Who news: a new fanmag, and an American version of my least favorite spin-off. At least it’s BBC approved, and possibly in the same universe, unlike Life on Mars (said by one who hasn’t seen either version of Life on Mars so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

in other news:

  • In a bit of a cosmic connection, there is an art exhibit for Masters of the Universe fanart. I don’t think they’ll be asking me to join. And look, no gay joke! (At least not aimed at MOTU. Sorry to Man-Thing fans.)
  • In more cosmic connectivity, Mark Rudolph, Jerzy Drozd, and Kevin Cross (read his new Monkey Mod comic) have started a new pastime called Go Go Illustration. And it features more MOTU art as well as other cool stuff. I promise neither influenced today’s comic, as I’ve had this idea since I decided on the Sunday format change. (There’s another name on there, Sara Turner, Jerzy’s comrade in another venture, but I haven’t seen anything from her up there.)
  • Spoich, one of the fan-bloggers at That Guy With The Glasses (in other words, he’s just a fan who has a comment account and uses it to make blog posts) echoes my issues with today’s unions.
  • And finally: I haven’t had the funds to renew my subscription to the Transformers Collectors Club, and now I wish I did. Their latest newsletter confirms that there will indeed be a toy based on War of Cybertron, the upcoming video game from Activision. And that toy will be…BUMBLEBEE! They have pictures and I can’t see them, so unless all of TransFandom has decided to pull a huge practical joke on ol’ ShadowWing, I am happiest toy collector on planet! I want to see these pictures!

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Sonic the Hedgehog #208

And up for review THIS week:

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