It was hard for me to admit.

I tried. I really did try to hang on.

But I have no choice except to admit it.

After last week, the main DC Universe…is (*sigh*, just say it…) dead to me.

That’s really hard for me to admit. You have to understand that as a kid the first three comics I received were Spectacular Spider-Man #30, Batman #307, and Justice League of America #162. Of the three, two are DC Comics (both Witman variant covers) and one is Marvel. All three are in as bad a shape as you would expect, but Spectacular Spider-Man is in relatively better shape. That means that I read the daylights out of the other two.

"Promise you won't brainwash me someday?"

Also, Superfriends were a bit part of my childhood, and probably the main reason I’m a DC fan over Marvel to this day. The show wasn’t just playing on Saturday mornings, but in syndication, so I could watch tons of Superfriends. Also, one of my local stations aired the Filmation DC cartoons (usually Superman, Batman, and Aquaman), as well as the original Spider-Man cartoon. Once the restrictions on toy-based cartoons was lifted, however, many of these went away, as cartoon studios had more IPs to play with, and old rerun cartoons fell by the way-side. (Now being collected on DVD.) Then you had Adventures of Superman and the old Batman show with Adam West and Burt Ward, or the movies. So DC really shaped how I judge a superhero comic or show.

So you can see why it was easier to drop the Marvel Universe. But what do I mean when I say that Marvel or DC Proper (aka the mainstream universe of titles) is “dead to me”? Obviously I still pay attention to what’s going on, because I comment on them in the blog. On the Marvel side, I pick up the free “Saga” giveaways, and the recent Invincible Iron Man #1 freebie was the focus of today’s comic review. Maybe a more correct term would be “dead to my wallet”, as I can’t bring myself to actually purchase the mainline titles.

I declared Marvel “dead to me” when I realized that there was two Iron Man comics and a Darkhawk comic and I was interested in neither. Iron Man started falling downhill at least during Mike Grell’s run, if not sooner. I finally dropped it a writer or two later, when Tony became Secretary of Defense. I would later start getting New Avengers as I figured it was a great jumping on point. I jumped off right before Civil War started, knowing that would be a fiasco, and planned to jump on again after. Unfortunately, Marvel had come down with a near-fatal case of Eventitis, so it doesn’t look like I’m going to be hopping back on any time soon.

So when did I reach the point when DC “died”? I hadn’t the funds to pick up a lot of DC titles for the longest time, and so many of them were multi-part arcs involving other titles. I didn’t want to pick up, for example, 4 different Superman titles a month and 7 different Batman-related titles to follow one arc. There were other factors that I’ll get into in the other parts. I tried getting Steel, but that was around the time Priest turned it into some kind of urban soap opera with the occasional weird elements, Dr. Villain (Will-hane–it’s French, apparently) and his weird schemes, and the darker tone that also chased me off.

I had high hopes for this comic. I should learn not to hope.

I did try reading Power Girl because I heard how much fun the Terra miniseries was, and I have the trade of that waiting for me in my pull folder. However, if you read my review of #2, you know why I dropped it. If stuff like Ultra-Humanite’s backstory, which doubled as slowing down the main story for no good reason, is something they feel the need to use, I really don’t want to see what else they’re willing to do. On the other hand, I’ve heard reviews for Red Robin (Tim being my favorite Robin) and Batgirl that really made we want to collect them.

Then came Cry For Justice #7. Tune in tomorrow for my spoil-like-crazy-if-you-haven’t-read-it raking of that comic, why it was wrong, and why it’s part of a series of trends that has kept me off of DC’s primary universe.

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  1. Hola amigo / amiga!

    Please don’t throw all comics out with the bath water! 🙂

    If you check out IndyPlanet, if you haven’t already- there’s a swarm of comics just like Marvel and DC used to be… you know… good.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      Oh, I’m not about to declare all comics gone. I’ll still read the Johnny DC and Marvel Adventures stuff, and along with The Incredibles get at least some of my superhero fix. I just don’t care about the main DC and Marvel universes. Plus a number of other titles that get much praise (and occasional scorn) in my now daily reviews.

      I also know about indie comics, as I discuss Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph quite a bit here. However, the indie scene is rather light on the classic style superheroes. It’s one of the things driving me to make my own comics, a step I’m nearly at.

      And for the record, amigo would be right. To quote Linkara, “I am a man! (punch) “.


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