Not every intro can be a winner. Some I’m neutral toward. Some I really like. And some are the theme to Conan the Adventurer.

This is not an epic theme. It’s not the worst theme song ever (you’ll see a lot worse in future entries, I’m rather sure), but it ranks rather high (or low, if you will). But what really bugs me is the narration bit.

Conan, the mightiest warrior ever.

Like we haven’t heard that before. The whole song is about how awesome Conan is, and while an intro should do that, to my ears it sounds like they’re trying too hard. “Hey, look, it’s Conan. He’s really, really, reaaaaaly awesome, so you should really watch the show, cheer him on, and buy all the toys.” But I can let that roll. It’s the next (and last) part that doesn’t work for me.

His quest: to undo the spell of living stone cast upon his family by driving the evil Serpent Men back into another dimension and vanquishing their leader, the cruel wizard Wrath-Amon!

Wow. What a run-on sentence. Somehow I actually remembered a longer one, but it just must have felt that way when you wanted to get into the episode already. (Seriously, it was a good show, unlike the CBS spin-off–a show so bad that YouTube doesn’t even have anything on it.) For some odd reason, between the mini-series and the full series, they dropped in “feel the power” into the end there, which not only feels out of place, but wasn’t a catchphrase that I remember from the series.

I don’t have a problem with an intro that spells out the series plot–to a point. After all, I want to know why I should care, especially on the first episode, or if I’ve not seen an episode before while coming in on a later episode. The intro brings you in, and the show itself is supposed to hook from there. (Sometimes the visual alone can do this. See my first “Favorite Intro” post, with Starcom.) If your going the narration route, make it sound less silly than this, guys.

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