Road trip!

The Incredibles #8

BOOM Kids! (March 2010)

WRITER: Landry Walker (No Mark Waid co-writing?)

ARTIST: Marcio Takara

COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse

LETTERER: Troy Peteri


EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow

DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

(cover “a” shown–both covers by interior art team)

When Bomb Voyage blows up the Eiffel Tower (with a bomb that says “run!!” in English), Rick decides to send Mrs. Incredible to investigate…with Mirage in tow! (If you foolishly haven’t seen the movie, Mirage was Syndrome’s sidekick until she realized he was nuts.) Suffice it to say, Helen isn’t too happy about that. Plus they’re also tracking down another criminal, Xerek–whom Helen used to date! Then their plane get shot down. Meanwhile, Bob gets Violet a job with Dr. Sunbright, and prepares to put Dash through some serious training aided by Frozone…until Violet and Sunbright are kidnapped!

What they got right: Bringing in Mirage will make for an interesting situation. And the rest of the cast (yay for the return of Frozone and Sunbright) will also get something to do. I’m assuming this is all connected to the letters we’ve been seeing in the previous arc.

What they got wrong: If “Bomb Voyage” is the one who blew up the Eiffel Tower, then what does this Xerek guy have to do with anything.

Recommendation: If Landry Walker has fully taken over the writing duties, I plan to enjoy this on it’s own. If you liked the movie, then you have good taste. That means you should like this comic, too.

And just in case you need to see the next page:

None of that needed captions, did it?

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  1. Landry Walker says:

    One other thing on the “what they got wrong” section. The bit with Dash, Bob and Lucius in the car near the end… that takes place later that night. It was supposed to have been colored more specifically at night time, as that informs Bob’s earlier statement: “I’ll be back to pick you up before sundown”.

    The scene takes place after Violet was done working for the day. Without the correct colors, it changes the scene. 😦


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      I just figured it was an afternoon kidnapping. 🙂

      (Your colorists are going to be yelling at you soon, you know? I do get a couple here. 🙂 )


      • Landry Walker says:

        Enh. The thing is… We all make errors. 22 pages. As many as 110 panels. Produced in just a couple of weeks (at best), by multiple people who often have only minimal contact with one another.

        In almost twenty years of doing this, I don’t think I’ve ever had an error free book (Even Supergirl had some big errors). Sometimes the errors are virtually invisible, sometimes they’re obvious, and sometimes they change the context of the story in a subtle way. It’s the last one that can affect the book the most. But even then, I don’t hold these mistakes against anyone. It happens to us all, all the time.


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