Is Sideswipe playing Tarzan in the back?

The Transformers #6

IDW Publishing (April 2010)

WRITER: Mike Costa

ARTIST: Don Figueroa

COLORIST: J. Brown with Andrew Dalhouse

LETTERER: Chris Mowry


EDITOR: Andy Schmidt


(covers “A” and “B” (shown) form one big picture)

Observing the Autobots battle with the Combiner Menasor, Spike decides to call in the calvary. And by calvary, he means Optimus Prime. Even Thundercracker works with the Autobots, but it’s Bumblebee, who sees the key to beating the giant Decepticon. Rodimus steals Ultra Magnus’ ship and heads into space. Optimus returns to Skywatch, leaving Bumblebee in charge.

What they got right: I’m just so proud of our little ‘Bee. He really earns the “Bumblebadass” title here, but coolest part is seeing Prime in all his tailpipe kicking glory. We also see evidence that maybe the Autobots and humans are going to start getting along after all.

What they got wrong: Oh, please tell me they’re not setting up Rodimus Prime. I really prefer Hot Rod/plain old Rodimus, even if he is being a total jerk right now. But what really gives this comic points off is that you have to get Cover A and Cover B to form the full picture–two issues of the same comic! If this becomes a trend, I will NOT be happy.

Recommendation: If you’ve been holding back on this title, now may finally be the time to give it a look. I wasn’t happy with the first few issues, but now it seems to finally be coming together.

That would still be you, Swindle. {click for full-size}

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