It’s been a while since I’ve done a good movie-length fan film. I had a few in mind, but when the Game Overthinker posted this one up on his blog, I knew I had to put this up at the next Showcase.The original Mega Man seems to be lost to the rebooted spin-offs, although Udon has been releasing the “Megamix” graphic novels. So here comes this movie by low budget director Eddie Lebron. This is feature length, and it makes you wonder why big screen directors with huge budgets can’t get a video game movie THIS right?

If you track this one down at Screw Attack or The Game Overthinker, you’ll find more than a few critics complaining about the costumes, effects, and whatnot. Apparently they have no grasp of “low-budget”. This is a fan-film. The filmmaker isn’t going to make dime 1 on this (and if he did, Capcom could sue him for that dime) He paid for the whole thing out of his pocket, and while some fan-films can look spectacular (see my reviews of Starship Farragut in its various forms), those took a lot more time and money. So let’s grade on a curve here.

Besides, I thought the Mega Man costume was pretty good. Proto Man’s didn’t come out so well, but it’s still better than the college project trailer that used to be all we had. For that matter, the Doctors Light and Wily are dressed in keeping with their counterparts, and are about as close to the game models as you can get with live-action people.

Speaking of which, why are some of the Robot Masters CGI and some human? I will admit that the RM costumes don’t completely match their game counterpart, but the CGI robots end up looking better by comparison. Also, it seems the Robot Master VA do a better job than the Robot Master actors. They’re not bad, but a bit over the top.

Dr. Wily is the showstealer here, ironically, for BEING over the top. It’s certainly in keeping with the way the character has been portrayed in past media. I actually felt a little sorry for him when the reporter was ignoring him. After all, he’s not wrong about deserving some credit for his hard work, even if what he thinks he deserves is indeed wrong. But I just loved his scenes.

Interestingly, Doctor Light doesn’t come off quite as “grandfatherly” as his counterparts in other shows. He obviously cares for his “kids”, but compare him here to, for example, the 90’s cartoon and you’ll see a difference.

Proto Man himself…didn’t really do anything for me. For one thing, he seems kind of forced into the story. He’s there just to be there. There are also shades of a lost story idea involving Proto Man’s “free will” vs. Rock’s free will that was lost to the introduction of Mega Man’s world. Also, they only refer to him by his Japanese name, Blues. They didn’t even sneak in a reference like “Project: Proto Man” or refer to his armor as the “Proto System” (making Rock’s the “Mega System”, of course). So the character as a whole did let me down.

As for Rock and Roll, I thought they’re portrayals were quite accurate to the situation. Rock just recently came online and Roll has only be active for a few months or so, which makes me wonder what the critics were expecting. The actors portrayed them at the age they were supposed to be in the game, so maybe they needed teen actors? All I know is, Roll is a little cutie. 🙂

I do like how other “non-Proto Man” elements were brought in, like the backstory for the fortress, and the mention (sadly, with no visual) of Sniper Joe. We even get a Yellow Devil attack. Elements were either altered to work for the movie or otherwise properly done fanservice. The lack of panicked crowds or damage is noticeable, but when you can’t destroy a real car, use a CGI model to throw around. They did what they had to do and even what I complained about never really took me out of the story.

So what I saw was a rather good fan-film, and I don’t know what the complainers saw. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but all things considered it was 90 minutes of escapist fun. That’s all I ask for. They should all be proud of what they put together for their budget.

(Mega Man header taken from Screw


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