So does that mean the girls have pockets in their dresses?

You’ve always wondered the same thing, right? If so, click on the comic to go to the host page, where I get into it a little more, and feel free to post your own theories.

In the meantime, it’s time for the Wrap-Up.


  • Even former DC Comics editor KC Carlson sees what’s ailing DC Comics these days.
  • Joe Quesada has a new title at Marvel, Chief Creative Officer. Please tell me this means he will be answerable to a new Editor-In-Chief who will actually create a “heroic age” at Marvel. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking.
  • Two excellent articles by Chris Sims of Comics Alliance this week. The first is a review of some of the more well known learning institutions in comics, and not just the “big 2”. The other is an “Ask Chris” article that tries to decide which universe, Marvel or DC, is better to live in, and the awesomeness of both Marvel Adventures and BW fave series Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade. I’m assuming you’ve read it by now, or you’ve made a grave error in your life thus far.
  • Pat Lee isn’t remotely a fave with Transformers fans. Now he’s back to try his hand at a comic based on Chinese folklore. Loosely based, that is. (h/t to the commentors at Shortpacked, some of those non-fans I mentioned)
  • In a related story, Rich Johnson made have just made David Willis’ heroes list buy this little maneuver. I’m not saying a word. Check it out for yourself. But you may learn what Transfans and many comic fans have against Pat Lee.
  • I wasn’t sure whether this should go in comics or TV/movies, but Fabian Nicieza will be writing a Tron graphic novel. It’s supposed to bridge the gap between the first movie and the upcoming sequel. Still no word on the Tron 2.0 video game or SLG’s mini-series will fit into continuity now.
  • Another lawsuit trying to get a created character back from one of the Big Two. This time it’s Marvel’s Ghost Rider.
  • It’s not as strange as it sounds when I tell you professional wrestler Mick Foley is going to be writing a comic book.
  • Marvel may be embracing a digital comics model that will tick off the direct market. It also appears the iPad downloaders are going to be hit with way high comic prices as well.
  • ComiXology is finally offering downloadable comics for us non-smart phone/iPhone/iPad users. However, it’s a beta, and I have to put my display settings at the lowest setting in order to use it, which annoys me about a lot of websites nowadays. Hopefully that’s addressed before going alpha. Also, I couldn’t find a download link (they may not have it for free comics or the text was too small at the setting I needed to read the comic) so you have to be online to read it. It’s a good start, though, but they have a ways to go to match services like Wowio, Lulu, and Drive Thru Comics.
  • Tim O’Neil of The Hurting posts a thoughtful article about why the House of M failed to be an asset to the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe. Long story short: the writers wouldn’t let it. (h/t Four Color Media Monitor)


  • More on the Megan Fox front. It seems leaving Transformers 3 was her idea, claiming verbal abuse by Michael Bay. No word on sexual harassment by her legion of fanboys. 🙂 (h/t to “Capital Radio Two” at the TGWTG forums.)
  • I encourage you all to read Witney’s review of the classic West/Ward Batman movie, the one based on the 60’s TV show. There is some great insight as to what’s wrong with some of today’s Hollywood product, especially the recent remake trend.
  • Speaking of remakes, Thundercats may be returning as an animated series. I’m hoping it’s more like the last Masters of the Universe remake and less like Wildstorm’s comic run. Man, that was awful. Anyway, GWOtaku of Toon Zone has his take. The site also reports that BanDai America will handle the licensing, since LJN, who licensed the merchandise of the previous series, isn’t around these days.
  • And speaking of both Michael Bay and remakes, guess who’s in charge of rebooting the Ninja Turtle movie franchise. This won’t end well.
  • The logo for the live-action Green Lantern movie has been revealed. I like it, but the tag line “anyone can be chosen”? Like we don’t know it’s going to be Hal Jordan, who by the way will be fighting Parallax in the latest draft. You know, the name Hal took when he went evil? Later retconned as the spirit of the Yellow Lantern powers or whatever? I smell Hal fanboyism here.
  • Variety has a mostly favorable review of the remake for The Karate Kid.
  • One the one hand, the fact that Cartoon Network has a “vice-president of social responsibility” makes my head hurt. On the other hand, if she’s behind a campaign to stop bullying, I’m all for it.

video games

  • Hey, they ARE still talking about DC Online. I must just be out of the loop. This video (which will auto-start, fix this, Newsarama) shows off the power of superspeed.
  • I wish I was a news guy instead of a commentary/would-be creator guy. Maybe I would get to preview Transformers: War For Cybertron like Newsarama and a number of Transformer news sites do.
  • The next Guitar Hero game will actually feature a quest mode. I’m curious as to how that will work.
  • The head honchos behind RPG juggernaut BioWare have a message for the Japanese RPG designers: innovate.
  • A video game theme park? Sounds great. Too bad you lost me at “dark & foreboding”, so I hope there are other attractions in this park planned.
  • XBox being used for charity. Here that, Obama?
  • A video game based on Batman: The Brave & The Bold? Did we even know this was needed? Please don’t screw this up!
  • Another trailer, this time for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Apparently, the game features Spider-Men of different dimensions, with the “usual” Spidey and the Noir Spidey announced thus far. (h/t to Blog @ Newsarama’s David Pepose, who posted another trailer, featuring some of the villains in the game.)

in other news

  • Bat-horse costume. If I need to say anything else, there’s a Super-horse costume as well.
  • BW Fave Linkara has begun a series of V-logs answering fan questions. Learn the origins of Atop The Fourth Wall (if you haven’t heard it in every review he’s done), see the Arsenal of Freedom and his Morpher collection, and learn about some of his other projects.
  • Entertainment Legends Revealed always has some interesting information, but although I don’t know his work, the third story in this article about a novelist coming second in his own parody made me laugh.
  • I don’t usually do politics on this site, but using a tax on electronic resources to bail out newspapers? Really, guys?
  • It’s no longer safe to be in a costume in Hollywood. (h/t Comic Book Resources)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • in memorial this week: Rue McClanahan, 76 who I loved on The Golden Girls, and former Temptation Ali “Ollie” Woodson, 58.
  • This Week’s Cracked: 7 Beloved Celebrities & The Awful $#$$ You Forgot They Did reminds us that you can beat the hell out of someone for interviewing someone you don’t like, or outright shoot somebody (most likely someone you don’t like) and get away with it, but you have to be famous enough. I should note, that I disagree with his adding Tim Allen (who went to prison and only got a reduced sentence because he gave up names) and Johnny Cash (it was an accident), and the (pun intended) shot at the NRA. But dear Lord, how did Rick James and Dr. Dre get away with their crap?

Best Scene of the Week

Thor & The Warriors Four #1

Frankly, I was torn between this and and Billy Batson and Spider-Man this week, but cute won the week.

Tomorrow’s Comic: Fraggle Rock #2

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