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The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #10

Moonstone Entertainment (2010)

ARTIST: Silvestre Szilagyi
COLORIST: Bob Pedroza
INKER: Josh Aitken
COVER: Steve Scott

Trapped in Him’s castle, the Phantom is on the run from his child soldiers (some of which appear to not be up to the task) and some old enemies, Mu’Tazz Abbas and one of the Zaal guys. Meanwhile, Chane and Guran have found a connection between numerous events since the Moonstone Phantom stories began, and it’s all about revenge against the Ghost Who Walks.

What they got right: If Bullock hasn’t been planning this from the beginning, then he’s doing a good job of weaving it all together. There are a lot of great action moments with the “mystery” moments worked in just right.

What they got wrong: Although years-long events coming together here are better than Bendis’ attempt at Marvel, I’m still getting a bit tired of these same threats, when the Phantom could have numerous threats, and seems to be spending more time with cults than pirates and other criminals. (I also want the Python story in the strips to finish up already. Yeah, I know it’s a newspaper strip and their arc tend to go rather long, but it risks getting old.) If the true masterminds of these operations don’t turn out to be the Singh Brotherhood, I’m probably going to be disappointed.

Recommendation: Since this series is going to get a rather disappointing makeover by Dynamite (odd, considering how well they did with Buck Rogers), this may be the last chance to see a proper version of the comic strip in book form beyond reprints. You should take it.

I can’t point to one particular moment as “Best Scene” because the focus is on the narrative as a whole. That’s not a slight against the comic.

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