Yesterday we saw how DC is bringing back mostly the wrong stuff. So how well is Marvel going to do with their stuff? One thing for certain is that while DC may provide “lip service” to their line of kid-friendly comics, and the future of DC Kids is uncertain, Marvel doesn’t like to talk about it at all, like that crazy uncle nobody mentions unless he shows up at the family reunion. At best, they’ll probably be answering a question about it if posed to them. Otherwise, let’s head over to Comic Book Resources again and see how they’re fragging this one up.

Cebulski began the panel by announcing several series: “Loki” for October by Roberto Sacasa and Sebastian Fiumara; “Captain America and the Korvac Saga” by Ben McCool; “Captain America: Hail Hydra” in January by Brian Clevinger; “Captain America: Fighting Avenger,” an all ages series retelling his origin and new series; and Mark Waid returning to Captain America with “Captain America: Man Out of Time” which Singh described as being about “After Captain America’s defrosted, how does he react to the world?”

Well, the “Mondo Marvel” panel is starting out rather well. I interviewed Clevinger at ConnectiCon and didn’t even think to ask him about other works. (Then again, if you’ve seen the interviews I did on my YouTube page, you noticed what a poor job I did overall. If I change my mind about not doing interviews next year, I’m coming up with a format.) An all-ages Captain America comic sounds like…one of the things they were doing with Marvel Adv: Super Heroes before they changed the format. Why does the all-ages division have no sense of continuity? Man Out of Time (not to be confused with Mark Rudolph’s John Oxbow comic) could be an interesting story. Then I read Waid’s interview. He’s not wrong for what he’s doing, but it shows why I hate the backsliding timeline (which lately is more like a “Slip & Slide”, only using blood instead of water because we like upping the gore and violence levels while resetting our timeline to the 90’s).

“Who is the new Man without Fear?” Apparently, it’s Nova, as the teaser image and panelists made no attempt to hide his identity.

What am I missing here? Anybody know where I can see this teaser? And why they think this is a good idea? Does this mean Nova is going to be Daredevil now? Is Matt Murdock really going to get the treatment Tony Stark did during Civil War?

One fan was upset about Red Hulk, “I followed that book for two years and I have no idea what happened!” he said. “Did you mean for it to go down like that?” “Yes, that was what we intended,” Loeb said, adding that the creators always try to tell the best stories they can.

Oh, there’s something worse coming up, according to the G4 coverage, but I’ll save that until I get to the “Heroic Age”panel.

Asked about another crossover between Marvel and DC, Cebulski said, “Go to a DC panel tomorrow, tell them Marvel said yes, what’s your answer?”

Why did nobody ask that question according to the articles I read?

When will Spider-Man and MJ get back together? “Read ‘One Moment in Time,'” Singh said, which begins this week in “Amazing” #638

Have you all seen that? I’m going to hate it when I get to the Spider-Man panel, aren’t I?

When asked about the character, Bendis said “you will see [Rom] Space Knight show up in a future Avengers story.”

Somewhere in Canda, a scream of joy came from the home of Siskoid. And now we head over to the aforementioned “Heroic Age panel” to get it over with.

He soon moved to the news that “New Avengers” would soon move to a storyline delving into the mystical and magical side of Marvel as the team searches for the lost child of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. “This will hopefully shape Marvel magic into something great and conceivable.” Not all the heroes will make it out of the first arc, he explained.

Wait, does magic make sense in any continuity? Plus aren’t these the people who once said that they didn’t have to explain it because it was magi…wait, again, they STILL haven’t found that kid? What did Skrull “Jarvis” do, bring her back to the homeworld? And magic is involved how?

McCann spoke to the future of Hawkeye and Mockingbird, saying it’s his dream book about “superspys who like to fight each other as much as they do bad guys.” The end of the first arc will feature Crossfire and Phantom Rider – two villains who are the first of the married heroes’ soon to be grown Rogue’s Gallery.

If I have to explain what’s wrong in that first sentence, you’re really not going to understand me at all. Oh, and apparently someone has taken Hawkeye’s old “Ronin” identity (is he trying to compete with Hank Pym for most hero name changes?) and decided to hunt spys like them and Black Widow. I’m kind of neutral on that.

Brace yourselves. Here comes that Red Hulk thing I mentioned:

The Red Hulk will also join the Avengers team in issue #7 at the start of the second arc. Bendis promised that the character’s inclusion would fit well with plans for the “Hulk” series established by Jeph Loeb in the current “World War Hulks” crossover as well as writer Jeff Parker, who’s largely believed to be taking over the title.

If they mean Parker on Avengers, I may be sold. I loved him on the MA version. However, WHO IN THE HOLY HECK THOUGHT PUTTING RED HULK ON THIS TEAM WAS A GOOD IDEA? Just the last panel we looked at they admitted the whole purpose of Red Hulk was to mess with people’s heads. Heck, Lost had more answers than we’ve been given on Red Hulk (unless something changed recently) and now he’s suddenly one of the GOOD guys and Avenger material?

Quesada showed a new “New Man Without Fear” teaser of Falcon which follows after Nova and Gambit teasers shown earlier in the weekend. The E-i-C said that after “Shadowland” a new Man Without Fear would be established from that group.

Were they that jealous of Battle For the Cowl in the Bat-titles?

A fan asked after the question of whether or not Quesada had a moment where the changes of “Spider-Man: One More Day” had “paid off” for the character despite the reaction to that specific story. “Creatively we knew whether it paid off or not, the idea of Spider-Man being single again was the most important goal,” he said, adding that he felt it paid off when “Brand New Day” was a few months in and there was a large and expansive supporting cast in “Amazing” to help pay off on that promise.

*facepalm* Reacting to this otherwise is an article in itself.

Later asked about the future of that book, Fraction said “‘Resiliant’ keeps telling the story of Tony trying to rebuild his empire from nothing.” In building a new car to fund his ideas to adapting to his new armor, the story will present a narrative where “We’re going to see how resilient Tony can be – how many wars you can fight on how many fronts.” The arc will end in what Fraction felt was his most ambitious action set piece he’s ever written featuring the full cast from War Machine to Detroit Steel.

Sounds like a good story. I know it was MOST OF THE OTHER TIMES THEY TOLD IT! OK, what’s next. Spider-Man panel, right. I’m starting to wish I could drink. It can’t get any…oh, who am I kidding, of course it can.

Peter Parker can forget the jackpot, because he’s just hit the big time.

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, the talented Marvel: Spider-Man panel lineup revealed a brand new day of a different color for everybody’s favorite web-slinging hero.

I just want to ask the writer of this article…why? Why did you write the words I underlined? Why?

“Spider-Man is on the run,” (Dan Slott) elaborated. “He has something very important to the Osborn family and the entire world. There is not a moment where he’s not under attack and there’s not a moment he can rest. You’ll see why Spider-Man is the greatest hero in the universe.”

Why does this not give me peace? Something about that last line worries me for some reason.

“Origin of the Species” marks the grand finale of the Brand New Day epic first launched in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #546. The panelists praised the work of BND contributors Slott, Bob Gale, Fred Van Lente, Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, Marc Guggenheim, Joe Caramagna, Zeb Wells and Steve Wacker. But where one chapter closes, a new one begins in the form of “Big Time,” the new October-launching “Spider-Man” status quo courtesy of Slott and a trio of rotating artists in Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin and Stefano Caselli.

In announcing “Big Time,” Slott and his colleagues showed off some new teaser art from the new era of “Spider-Man” books, including Spider-Man wearing a Fantastic Four uniform, a never-before-seen black and neon green Spider-suit, and Spidey battling it out with a newly designed Scorpion — and yes, Mac Gargan is back as Scorpion, leaving fans to wonder what’s going to happen to the Venom symbiote.

I guess they’re not done with the resets. Oh, and here’s a shot of that suit.

{click for full-size}

Personally, I think they’re missing a couple of details.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I’m…not sure which costume is less laugh inducing. And how long do we get to “keep” Neon-Spidey, anyway? The Iron Spider didn’t last more than a month or two. Also, is this going to be the new “symbiote” story where the costume turns out to be making Spidey evil, so he ditches it and has to fight some new guy? Yes, I’m highly convinced they’d do that. They seem jealous of not writing a lot of Spidey’s past after their childhood.

In “Big Time,” Parker finds himself on a new, as-yet-revealed career path that promises to showcase “all of the wonderful gifts” he has to offer the world outside of his Spider-Man abilities.

Umm, Mr. Slott, that was one of the positive things JMS added to the Spidey stories when he became a teacher. You undid that with the marriage, remember?

Also announced was an all-new “Spider-Girl” series from Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry completely unrelated to Mayday Parker, who’s story concludes in “Spider-Girl: The End.” Readers will get their first taste of the new Spider-Girl in a backup feature in the first issue of “Big Time,” clocking in at 47 pages. Singh promised the audience that “this is a very important book to the Spider-Man family. It’s not an ancillary or a satellite book. It’s very important.”

You’ll have to decide for yourselves how you think about that, as I never had the chance to be one of the Mayday faithful. Tobin talks about it more in this interview, but there’s one comment I want drilled into every writer’s head henceforth!

You’re known for your light-hearted, fun superhero stories that hearken back to the old days of the genre. Will you be keeping that same sort of tone and atmosphere in “Spider-Girl?” What about that type of storytelling appeals to you?

It’s a slightly darker tone, especially at first, when things don’t go well for Anya, but there will be some of that fun, certainly. I think it’s very important for superheroes to be able to laugh, because part of laughing is being human, being able to care, and without those things the characters can become very one-dimensional. And if I don’t care about a character as a person, then I really don’t care about fight scenes. Action can become almost mathematical; meaning, “By what equation does the hero win this fight?” rather than the far more engaging, “What is it about the hero that makes me want her to win this fight?”

This is why Tobin is one of the best writers Marvel has! Meanwhile, back at the stupidity panel:

One fan asked Slott about the fate of the Venom symbiote now that Mac Gargan is back in action as Scorpion. “You will see where the symbiote goes kind of in the first issue. So much happens in issue #648, it’s like an idea bomb goes off,” he teased. “You’re going to see some symbiotey stuff pretty soon.”

Anyone else translate that as “Anti-Venom’s days are numbered” based on what else they’ve done to the old villains?

Asked for hints about Peter’s new job, Slott said: “Let’s just say it’s his dream job. Peter Parker gets his dream job. But it’s Peter Parker — even if things are going great in Column A, he’s going to screw something up in Column B, because he’s like us.” Despite this, Peter’s career is getting in shape, which leads to him having more resources as a superhero. After all, with great money comes great stuff.

Speaking of things that won’t last long with this bunch…So what else is going on?

Do you have big plans for any of the established supporting players?

I think you’re going to see an interesting new role for Mary Jane. She’s a pivotal part of Spider-Man’s life and his world. They have shared so much of their lives together, so she has one up on everyone else in the supporting cast. She’s the one person who knows he’s Spider-Man. She’s the one “normal” person in his life he can go to and talk to about Spider-problems. She’s his red haired Pete Ross with boobs.

Mary Jane can also help Pete in other ways too. When Spidey stuff is happening, she’s the one who knows where Peter Parker really is and what he’s really up to. She is going to be a very important part of Peter Parker’s life.

Say it with me kids: why couldn’t this have happened with the Spider-Marriage? And can someone slap him for the “red-haired Pete Ross with boobs” line?

And I get to end this with the “Cup o’ Joe” panel. This won’t end well. OK, Joe, say anything interesting?

The panel again teased a “new Man Without Fear” adding after Falcon, Nova and Gambit teasers from earlier this month T’Challa the Black Panther or Kraven the Hunter as possibilities of the hero taking Daredevil’s role at the end of “Shadowland.”

Right, call me when Lockjaw gets his teaser. Or Rom.

Loeb took the mic next as the panel noted his new role as EVP of Television for Marvel – especially using the EVP title to make him feel important.”They like to make fun of me for having a title instead of just being ‘Jeph Loeb: Jerk,'” he joked

Oh, I’m sure you’ll do fine with the second title, especially with you in charge of Marvel TV projects. Remember, this is the guy who brought us Ultimatum, and the Blob eating the Wasp. Not to mention cannibal/sex fiend Hulk. Please keep him out of the kids shows.

Marvel will also be serializing a Disney publishing graphic novel called “Tron: The Betrayal” with exclusive cover work by Salvador Larocca.

Hey, Marvel, Landry and Eric did a good job with Tron 2.0, not counting the confusing ending. Just saying, with DC canceling their comic and not willing to print money more Cosmic Supergirl, they could use the work.

On a more serious note, a fan came up to thank the panel for the comics he read while fighting cancer, saying that thankfully he was now seven months cancer-free. After a round of applause, Loeb said, “When we tell stories that come from our imagination about heroes, there are real life heroes all around us that inspire us, and that gentlemen is one of those heroes.”

Between this and the HIV/Black Lantern story yesterday, am I wrong to be this cynical?

The relationship between Marvel and their new corporate owners Disney was a frequent question, coming up in terms of whether Disney would affect Marvel books or films. Quesada stressed that nothing would change for them saying “the reason the marriage is so strong is that we do something that they don’t do well” especially in terms of making entertainment that appeals to boys and young men. He added that working with Disney’s distribution channels so far has been like “walking through doors we never thought would be open with us is eye-opening.”

Boys? You mean kids? The only comics you print that “boys” should be reading you don’t even acknowledge the existence of. (The MA line, Pet Avengers, Power Pack–I’m surprised they even announced all-ages versions of Thor and Captain America.)

A fan asked after the use of the Disney characters, to which Alonso responded “GOOFY! I loooooooves me some Goofy. Maybe something with him and Deadpool?” Quesada then joked that they’re working on a story where Mephisto breaks up Minnie and Mickey called “One Mouse In Time.”

Not funny!

Mostly because I’m sure he’d do it if he could. Finally, CBR spoke to Joe about the CrossGen announcement.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I never really followed CrossGen except for the Masters of the Universe reboot comics they did with MV Creations, so I don’t know how good the news is. Malibu is still caught up in creator rights issues from what I’ve heard, so at least one former property is getting a second lease on life.

And that’s it for Marvel’s coverage. Tomorrow, we see what the smaller publishers are doing and Thursday it’s the extended media.


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