So bland I can't even come up with a lame joke for it.

The Incredibles #12

BOOM Kids! (July 2010)

WRITER: Landry Walker
ARTIST: Ramanda Kamarga
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
COVER ART: Nate Watson
(cover “A” shown)
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
EDITOR: Christopher Meyer
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

What does a “designer” do in comics, anyway? This a relatively new title to me.

Bob and Lucius have a falling out after Bob shows him a book sent to him by one of Syndrome’s super-victims. Helen, feeling guilty about the lies last arc, decides to tell Bob where she really went. Unfortunately, both she and Violet are captured by a giant vines.

What they got right: As usual, the story is well done, setting up the next arc with Mr. Incredible and Frozone having a falling out right up to the kidnapping, plus the mysterious book sent by Everseer. How much of this works into the arc, or will just be used in a future arc we have yet to see. Continuity is so connected that we see Frozone reading a newspaper about the Eiffel Tower returning, shades of the previous arc.

What they got wrong: Mr. Incredible is supposed to be lifting a huge ball of ice, as demonstrated by how it breaks and a comment by Walker himself on his blog, yet is colored like a huge boulder. Where would he even get a boulder in suburbia that would go unnoticed? Also, Dash doesn’t appear in this story. That’s not a “he’s my favorite character” issue, but not knowing where he is means we have to wait until next issue to see if he was one of the kidnapped. Finally, two alternate covers combine to form one image, and if the same artist did both, it doesn’t look it. Cover B is ugly, and that’s in addition to the “connecting cover variants” rant I’ve done on this title enough as it is. STOP DOING THIS, BOOM!

Recommendation: See every review I’ve done since the series came out.

He got it, alright. 🙂

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