"Couldn't I have the lady instead?"

The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #11

Moonstone (2010)

ARTIST:  Silvestre Szilagyi
COLORIST: Jason Jensen
LETTERER: Josh Aitken
COVER ART: Steve Scott
(Cover “A” shown)

Trapped in a gladiatorial pit by Him, the Phantom has numerous opponents thrown at him, from warriors to a polar bear. But while Chane continues to connect the dots, Him unleashes his final opponents for the Phantom–Kit and Heloise!

What they got right: They had me at Phantom versus a polar bear. Seriously, what more do you need? The fights are well drawn.

What they got wrong: First off, Chane falls into the same trap that a lot of fictional hackers seem to. NOBODY could pull this off, much less some kid fresh out of college, if that. Secondly, you mean to tell me that EVERY SINGLE ONE of Bullock’s stories, from both titles, were leading up to this moment? Why not include the KGB Noir stuff while your at it.

Recommendation: The Phantom fights a polar bear in a gladiatorial pit. Do I really have to sell you on this comic?

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers: Nefarious #6, the final issue.

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