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A refresher for you, kids. In the Batman storyline “War GamesStephanie Brown, then The Spoiler, tried to prove herself to Batman that she could be on the team by pulling off one of his gameplans. Long story short things didn’t go well and she ended up tortured and murdered. She recovered, thanks to fan reaction, but in the meantime that reaction stated that Batman was in part responsible for how he treated Stephanie and for keeping her out of the loop as he did.

(Comics and soap operas–the only two places where death is treated like a bad cold.)

To save Batman’s reputation, the Bat-Writers decided not that Batman should do penance, learn from it, and maybe get along better with his team but that someone else was responsible. Enter Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Here’s a chance to clear out another of recent addition Batman allies and further ostracize him from pretty much everyone. So we learn that Dr. Thompkins “let” her die in order to teach Batman a lesson. Now she’s the bad guy, right?

Wrong! Instead, Bat-fans had another fit. Not only does this NOT clear Batman, but ruins another fan-favorite character. So Steph turns out to not be dead, but Leslie has been out of the game ever since.

This is what I mean by the article title: Mary Jane pulled a Dr. Thompkins.

This is my term for when one character is used to save another character’s reputation by the writers. In this case, it’s the Spider-Writers trying to counter the one argument that even fans who join Quesada in hating the Spider-Marriage have had, that Peter sold the marriage to Mephisto, Marvel’s answer to Satan, in order to save Aunt May’s life.

During the recent “One Moment In Time” storyline (WARNING: SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!), we have learned that it was Mary Jane that convinced Peter to agree to Mephisto’s plan (a plan that given Mephisto’s usual motivations and goals makes little sense mind you) and that she also agreed to remember everything in return for Peter to be left alone. Because we can all trust the word of Lucifer Mephisto, right?

Oh, but it gets worse. Yes, somehow it gets worse. Mary Jane is the one responsible for the Spider-Marriage never taking place. Not just pushing Peter into the deal, but by refusing to marry him and then ending the relationship. Observe the following slideshow.

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These scans come from and with the permission of “SzinDragon” of the That Guy With the Glasses blogs, who also made the following observation:

These last panels is Quesada talking DI-RECT-LY to Spider-Man fans. He IS Mary Jane. He’s smiling and laughing in your face at what he’s done. I mean, read what he wrote. Here, I’ll quote it for you…

“You know I’m right. You’ve been sitting here wondering… waiting for something that ISN’T going to happen!”

HE. EVEN. BOLDS. IT. He directly tells you that as long as he has his way, they have no future together. And then he continues…

“You need to get on with your life, Peter. There’s someone wonderful out there for you. But if you keep holding on to “this,” you may never find her…even if she’s standing right there in front of you!”

I mean, do you realize what he’s saying? Joe Quesada is Mary Jane, Peter Parker represents the Spider-Man fans, “her” is the current comic after what he’s done, and the italicized “this” is his butchering of their marriage. This is him telling fans straight to their f*****g face that this is the way things are going to be, that the comic is now great even if you can’t see it, and that they just have to get over “this,” move on and continue buying Spider-Man comics, cause look…

“You’re going to be okay, Peter. We’re both going to be okay!”

Cause I’m going to keep this travesty going, and you’re going to be okay with it! WE’RE (Quesada & the fans) BOTH GOING TO BE OKAY! And then, the pièce de résistance…

“Today. My best friend, the best person I’ve ever known– –set me free!”

Listen to the words. LISTEN. He’s referring to himself as Spider-Man fans “best friend” and saying that he’s the “BEST PERSON THEY’VE EVER KNOWN,” and that he has “SET THEM FREE!” Like I said, all One Moment in Time does is staple the fact that they’re done as a couple as long as he’s in charge, so now it’s time to get over it, move on, and continue buying Spider-Man comics because he’s you’re best friend, the best person you’ve ever know, and he’s done you a favor.

In terms of arrogant, power mad gloating, this is a f*****g Machiavellian MASTERPIECE!

I’m not sure if he actually was doing that on purpose (note that Quesada did write this story) or it just came out, or it could be a coincidence, but SzinDragon has a point. And there’s one more piece to the puzzle I just found out about. You know one of Peter’s current love interests, Carlie Cooper? There is a scene (scroll down past a copy of the above scene) where MJ is giving her approval of her. Then Cyberface of Scans_Daily posts this sentence.

Who could that special person be for Peter, you ask? Surely it couldn’t be…Carlie Cooper, the perfect mate for Peter, who just so happens to be named after Joe Quesada’s daughter?

Choose your reaction, folks.

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  1. Thunder says:

    I find Mary Jane interesting in this storyline. She only wanted to marry Peter so they could have kids! Like that’s the one and only reason people EVER get married! Then, we waste time rehashing the new history only to have her turn around and tell him they’ll never, ever be a couple ever again (huh? The other comics leading up to this storyline don’t seem to support that necessarily). Peter’s just lost the love of his life–and he’s happy! They’re still friends, after all, so who cares if they can be in love or not. Granted, they seem to be friends that never spend time together anymore, but hey! He’s free to go out there and bang anyone he wants. And if MJ won’t accept him for who he truly is then why would we expect Carlie–or whomever–to accept his dual life either? The ending makes no sense to me…


  2. snell says:

    Note also that when Aunt May was shot, Mary Jane was still perfectly OK with hanging with Peter, and knowing about his double life. But when Mary Jane’s relative is attacked, well, then it’s suddenly all too much for her. So much for her love and support, which vanishes once her cozy past is threatened…


  3. It’s not even the further destruction of Spider-Marriage that’s bugging me on this one, since that issue isn’t going away any time soon. It’s the destruction of MJ to cover their own backsides and “keep our hero pure”, much like Batman and Leslie Thompkins, rather than explore the consequences of being human. Isn’t that what we keep being told we want, flawed heroes? I want to see writers fix problems with character rather than kill them off for shock value or use them to make the hero look better after the writers/editors screw it all up.

    Who wants to bet that Mephisto is actually telling the truth this one time to keep the marriage from ever existing (aka Quesada and the Spider-Writers’ fantasy) and they’re hoping this will all go away. Unless we actually DO get a new team who will put things back to the way they like it, which at that point will simply be a “two wrongs don’t make a right”, since this will probably be years in the future when a new generation (if Marvel finally begins to realize they NEED new readers) will grow up with this continuity.


  4. Jan says:

    Look, the only way I’m getting back into Spider Man is if there are actual CONSEQUENCES from making a deal with Old Scratch, instead of just narrative convenience.


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