We’ve already established that I don’t have to watch the show to like the intro. While I don’t watch a lot of cop shows, including this one, I have to give it credit for being a good one, even if it’s only for the theme song.

Live-action intros haven’t shown up a lot here for a reason; most of them aren’t the same as their animated counterparts. They’re usually clips of the show with the actors popping up to say “look, I’m in the show, you know you like me so come watch”. (Granted I could watch anything with Grace Park. Except, oddly, her big break–the pretender that calls itself Battlestar Galactica.) Most animated series have original openings and only a few have credits in them.

Hawaii Five-O has a great theme song (good thing, considering how many times I had to listen to it to find the right videos), some great shots of Hawaii, and has become rather iconic in its opening credits. I was a bit concerned that in this day and age the remake that aired last night wouldn’t live up to its predecessor. So did it?

First we should look at the original.

And then we take a look at the remake.

Fooled you, did I? According to the poster at YouTube, this was from an unsold pilot with Gary Busey in Jack Lord‘s place. Judge for yourself if that would have been a good idea. Here’s the new show.

Well, it’s shorter, which means not enough time spent on the landmarks or the dancers. I suppose that’s to be expected with today’s advertising dollar hunt. Everyone will have their own opinion about the computer data clipshow for each actor instead of the “turn towards the camera all dramatic” technique of the original and the unsold pilot.

I thought it was pretty cool, but again too short, so you don’t really get to hear the theme song, which surprisingly wasn’t a techno remix or something. Not that I don’t love a good dance remix, mind you. 🙂 However, I think this song works fine on its own and I’m happy enough with it.

How does the show hold up? How would I know, I didn’t watch either version. I did notice that old names are on different character, like an aforementioned other series (why not just make it a new Five-O team?) so I wonder how their fans feel. As for me…

…if she wore that when she took over as Boomer, I might have given the show a better look. 😀

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