Who wants a hug?

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Vol.2 #6

Marvel Comics (November 2010)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
ARTIST: Rob Di Salvo
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Scherberger & Delgado
PRODUCTION: Mayela Gutierrez
EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

With a cover story in place to explain his injuries, Peter finds himself going through the healing process, with Chat there to make sure he doesn’t run off to fight crime injured. However, an attack by Doctor Octopus forces Chat to call in “The Silencer” to help Spider-Man, and she may regret it.

What they got right: One healing issue. NOT a multi-part arc with the character in deep reflection. One issue, and it’s all you need. Our quartet continue to be interesting characters (and it’s nice to see Gwen act nice to Chat, at least for now), the cover story makes sense, and watching Peter deal with not being able to do his Spider-Thing isn’t boring.

What they got wrong: Will someone come up with a title to put on these splash pages with the credits on them? Please? What happened to issue titles? And why don’t we get to see Aunt May’s reaction? Two panels last issue is all we get? Wasn’t this the character so important that Peter had to sacrifice his marriage in the main continuity? Also, I don’t think we need “the Silencer” in this comic anymore. I don’t miss Emma, even if she was good while she was useful.

Recommendation: Still remains the only Spider-Comic worth reading.

Save me a glazed!

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