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With Lewis Lovhaug all the way up to Time Force, I should get a move on. The reviews should be a bit more interesting from here out. The last time I posted HOPR, we looked at Power Rangers in Space, the last of the “Zordon” era of Power Rangers. While I continued watching (I only missed Mystic Force because I’m not into the whole magical, mystical thing), this was where Lewis stopped watching, figuring the show was over for him.

So now that he’s learned his lesson, here’s what I call the “bridging” series, wrapping up the “Zordon” era and connecting to the new era of one-series casts, new location beyond Angel Grove, and in this series, a further voyage into space.

Nothing changes in format, but it seems all the episodes from here out are two-parters.

While Lewis figured “eh, it’s all over” I was rather excited for the new series. I wanted to know how the new format would work, with permanently revolving casts, new foes, and a fresh take on the series. I was also wondering if it would be connected to the old shows or be a complete reboot, like Transformers had been doing. My only disappointment really was that the “lost galaxy” of Lost Galaxy isn’t even referenced until the next half of the show, so I figured it was just a title about how they were traveling to another galaxy. But more on that tomorrow. Let’s look at what we currently have to discuss.

  • I do find it interesting how similar Lost Galaxy is to Seijyu Sentai Gingaman (Star-Beast Team Milky Way Man, or “Star-Beast Squadron Galaxy Man” depending on the translation), and yet how different. For one thing, you still have the way the Red Ranger got his powers from his brother, who returns later as Bullblack/Magna Defender (even MD’s morph is a match for Bullblack while the Galaxy Ranger morphs differ from Gingaman). The Ranger’s powers are nature-themed, the zords are still animals from space (Gingabeasts/Galactabeasts), and their powers come from their weapons.
  • On the other hand, Lost Galaxy is set in outer space, the enemies were mostly original characters, and they have “bio-domes” in order to keep using the city and out-of-city locations. (Although that begs the question of how the heck Scorpius’s forces always managed to get inside. We never see them use the airlock. And there’s a bigger question for next time.)
  • Lewis may be right about the theme song, but I like the open visually. I like the shot where we zoom in on Scorpius’s eyes, with Furio reflected in them, the part where the Rangers grab their Transdaggers and let loose the “superblast” for the series. It just kind of works for me and makes up for anything missing in the song.
  • One more thing about Bulk is that the show didn’t seem to know what to do with him or the professor. Supposedly they go work for the science division, but in the second half we learn they got canned and Bulk opens his own “juice bar meets 10-Forward” place, Bulkmeyers. That would have served for the “hang out” spot for the Rangers, but nothing ever came of it and we never see Bulk and Phenominous again until the finale where they’re among the cheering horde.
  • I’m thinking that Mike, who didn’t want Leo on this trip in case it got dangerous, would have had something to do with his brother not getting a passport, if Lewis is right about the fact that families of the workers should get instant passports or something.
  • I also have a theory on why the “Z-Wave” didn’t wipe out any of the other villains. Assuming that Zordon’s sacrifice merely “cleaned out” the Morphing Grid, which both Zedd and Dark Specter seemed to have a connection to, it’s possible that none of the other villains from here on have such a connection. Therefore, Scorpius’ forces weren’t destroyed by the Z-Wave. See, easy.
  • Ah, the infamous closing crevice. Oddly, I didn’t find this in a quick search of TV Tropes.org. You would think that physics/plot device abuse would be there.
  • I don’t know if Lewis reads my posts (he did give me permission to do this series), but in case he does…missed joke! When the Rangers hold up their Quasar Sabers and transform:

I couldn’t get a clean transformation sequence. 😦

  • One interesting thing about the Galactabeast/Galactazord thing. Back when I posted the East Vs. West episode, I noted that the Zyurangers didn’t use machines but “operated” gods like robots/dino-shaped vehicles. This happens in other Sentai from what I can tell (even Serpentera was a “god” in the original Sentai), but this was a first for Power Rangers, since most other metal helpers (Auric and Ninjor come to mind) operated on their own with no Ranger “pilot”.
  • Zika’s on-screen death. That surprised me, especially on a kids show. And this was the Defender’s son. In Gingaman, it was Bullblack’s little brother, so the Lost Galaxy death was actually CLOSER to home.
  • Deviot or Villamax. I can’t decide which is my favorite villain of the series. On the one hand, Deviot is crafty, has a pretty cool armor, and a great villain. On the other hand, Villamax’s code of honor makes him fascinating in his own right.
  • The Psycho Rangers return. That’s a good way to end this episode.

Next time: The first “official” Ranger Team-Up since the Alien/Zeo Rangers, and in this chapter a Ranger dies. (Don’t worry, she gets better without becoming a Black Lantern.)

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