With all the Godzilla talking I’ve been doing this week I decided to localize my fight choice this week. While still grabbing a comic at random I’ve chosen to stick to the Godzilla section of my longbox. And it looks like we’ve grabbed a Dark Horse comic. So let’s see what happens when the King of the Monsters meets an honest match.

Fight Life round 7

The Battlefield: Godzilla #13 (Dark Horse Comics, June 1996) “Turf War”

The Promoters: Randy Stradley (writer), Scott Kolins (penciler), Barb Kaalberg (inker), Clem Robins (letterer), Tom Roberts (colorist)

I’m going to let the action speak for itself, but here’s a rundown. G-Force, a group charged with protecting humanity from the giant monsters despite having none of the high-powered war machines that never work anyway, went looking for Godzilla but found a new monster which they named Burtannus, after one of the team members. They also discovered that she is protecting her babies. However, Godzilla only knows there’s a monster to fight.

Godzilla rethought the accupunture treatment, despite Mothra's claim that it wasn't a problem.

Anything he wants, actually.

This reminds me, what DOES Godzilla eat?

"This is no time to discuss your 80's music fixation, dear."

He decided to go out for pizza.

Thank you, exposition-san.

Because even Godzilla knows you don’t mess with a mother protecting her young.


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