This weekend I had the chance to catch the new episodes of Cartoon Network’s Young Justice. I had already seen and reviewed the pilot so there was no point watching the broken-into-three-parts version. So far I like the show and will be reviewing the comic as well.

This being DC’s only team-based cartoon at the moment there may well be comparisons to Disney XD and Marvel’s entry, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Personally, I judge both on their own merits and they both have some decent storytelling. (Avengers: EMH has been on longer which gives them a current edge.) But one comparison I’m betting not as many reviewers will touch on is the intro, so I’ll fill in that blank.

First there’s the Avengers intro.

I’ve already reviewed this as well as the first episode. I still like the theme, and the intro didn’t spoil who would be the current final team until they were all actually given membership. (Missing from the intro above are Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Panther.) They also show off each of the members doing what they do best in battle. Now what about the Young Justice intro

It’s shorter, and while not bad that kind of hampers things. You don’t get to see them really show off what they can do. Compare it to the Justice League shows (the style this show emulates, although sadly not a part of the DCAU) where they did a good job showing off the characters, more Unlimited than the original now that I think of it. This open is more in league with Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien openings. With Sam Register on board, that actually doesn’t surprise me, but it really doesn’t showcase the YJ heroes properly in my opinion.

And don’t think I didn’t notice they both used computer images as a theme. Also, there’s one static intro, meaning that unless you saw all the promotional material you’ve just been spoiled as to whom the final member of the team will be, so it won’t be a surprise when she makes her show debut.

The song itself is instrumental and while it isn’t bad and works for the intro it doesn’t have the same lasting impression as the Justice League intros. In total, the intro isn’t bad, but it could have been better, like the Avengers intro. So Marvel wins this round. We’ll see how the series goes when they both complete their seasons.

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  1. Shamar says:

    ummm the pilot was broken into 2 parts so you missed a episode lol ((The one where they fought mister twister)))


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