No Fraggles were harmed in the making of this cover.

Fraggle Rock V2 #2

Archaia (February 2011)

LETTERER: Deron Bennett
CONSULTING EDITORS: Joe LeFavi & Paul Morrissey
COVER “A” (shown): Heidi Arnhold
COVER “B”: Ross Campbell
wait, they needed a consultant for the lettering?

Our trio of stories begins with “The Meaning of Life” by Joe Lefavi with Heidi Arnhold on art. This is probably one of the best stories of either volume thus far and the best art of the issue. Our heroes decided to go on a search for a tunnel said to contain the secret to the meaning of life, but end up learning an important lesson on their own. This is proof that you can tell a sappy kids story without talking down to young readers. It also could have worked as an episode of the show, complete with Travelling Matt postcard.

“The Fraggle Who Cried Monster” comes to us by way of Jason M. Burns, with Chandra Free on art. It’s a shorter story than usual, perhaps because the first one is a bit longer. It’s just a story of Boober being scared after listening to one of Gobo’s scary stories, plus a cameo by a creature that appeared in the show. This just feels like an excuse to name-drop, although that shows up in the first story during the trip as well.

We end on “The Perfect Words”, with Tim Beedle on writing duties, Ross Cambell on art, and Lizzy John coloring. Mokey is trying to write a poem about how much she cares for her friends. It has the same theme as the first story in part, but since “The Meaning of Life” was such a good story I think it kind of takes the punch out of this one.

Overall, another good showing by the people on this comic.

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