When I grabbed this comic and decided to go for it, I forgot that I had already used a fight from it. Still, I haven’t done a pack-in minicomic in quite some time and there is a second fight to use, so let’s do this thing! Let us return to Eternia, where mock King’s English is the normal speaking pattern, and Skeletor plays peeping tom. (I’m betting he watches Teela in the shower, too.)

Fight Life round 9

The Battlefield: Masters of the Universe minicomic “He-Man Meets Ram Man”

The Promoters: Gary Cohn (writer), Mark Texeira (penciler), Tod Smith (inker), and Anthony Tollin (colorist)

So what led to the fight I used in the “Villains Victorious” tournament? Allow my overread copy to enlighten you.

Heroes fighting? I thought these were written by DC, not Marvel?

You can catch the full story at He-Man.org as well as a bunch of other minicomics. I may have to start mining them once I run out of my own minicomics.

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