Upset they didn't use his logo.

Doctor Who Classics: The Seventh Doctor #1

IDW Publishing (February 2011)

[originally published in Doctor Who Magazine #130-132]

WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: John Ridgway
INKER: Tim Perkins
EDITOR: Sheila Cranna
IDW Credits
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton
DESIGNER: Amauri Osorio

The Doctor and Frobisher attempt to take a vacation to get over Peri leaving (during the show’s “Trial of a Timelord” arc) and instead find the resort has been taken over by rogue Ice Warriors who want to violate the peace their people have with the Federation (not the Star Trek one). Frobisher ends up with a group of guests and staff who have formed a resistance group to retake the resort but it may cost the stuck shapeshifter his life.

What they got right: On IDW’s part I like how the title now reflects the Doctor in question instead of a “series” number. They should have done this from the start. Me being me, I should be concerned with Furman working on Doctor Who considering my past issues with his Transformers work, but he stick to the show’s story formula without going into subplot overload.

What they got wrong: I know that “Trial of a Timelord” sent Peri away, but it was this same arc that introduced Mel and being Colin Baker/Doctor 6th’s last story, that means that she should be around, since she was there when the Doctor regenerated. Why use Peri and not Mel? Granted the end of “Trial” and Peri’s fate/Mel’s appearance is rather confusing but to simply ignore it? And why is IDW using the new show’s logo instead of the classic logo (in this case Silvester McCoy’s logo) like the rest of the “Classics” reprints?

Recommendation: This must be back before Furman fell into his usual “Furmanisms”, so it’s a decent read. If you don’t have it yet, give it a look.

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