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If you have ever wondered why fans of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender have so many problems with M. Night Shyamalan‘s live-action film but want to bypass the torrent of fanrage, video reviewer CabalStudios comes to your rescue. While he does let his rage slip through for comedic purposes, the reviewer gives an honest look at the film and compares it to related scenes within the show. (M. Night’s movie tries to fit all of season one into one movie.) You may think that a five-part review (four “official” parts and a prologue) is a bit much, after watching what is admittedly a movie length review (totaling all five) you may understand not only why people love the show so much but why the movie didn’t live up to it beyond the change from cartoon to live-action.

  1. prologue
  2. Part 1
  3. Part 2
  4. Part 3
  5. Part 4 (finale)

You may think it’s too much, but it’s a good look at how to do a proper adaptation and the source material is that well-produced. The review so well done that just putting it into a Weekly Wrap-Up won’t do it justice. The show is called Animated Amnesia and I recommend the webseries as a whole. I also recommend

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