In case you haven’t heard, Dwayne McDuffie passed away this week. (Also Nicholas Courtney, the Brigadier from Doctor Who.) So for this week’s fight I decided to grab what I think is the best thing he ever wrote–at least from my collection. And despite he’s mostly known for his Milestone and DC work, this fight is from Marvel.

Double Dragon has never had a proper adaptation. While the movie is a “guilty pleasure” at best, and the cartoon is crap, the comic was fantastic. Sure it forgets the game is a straight-up martial arts game with NO MYSTICAL ELEMENTS, the other two weren’t any better. What it does have, however, is a fight with an actual dragon. There should be points for that.

Fight Life Round 11

The Battlefield: Double Dragon #4 (Marvel Comics, Oct. 1991) “Dragon’s Flight”

The Promoters: Dwayne McDuffie (writer), Steven Butler (penciler), Brad Vancata (inker/colorist), Pat Brosseau (letterer), Evan Skolnick (managing editor) and Fabian Nicieza (editor)

To summarize: Billy and Jimmy Lee is the keeper of the dragon statue which holds the power of the Dragon Force. Something goes wrong and the statue comes to life, killing bad guys without any mercy. So it’s up to the brothers to destroy it, even if it means losing their powers.

"Stop quoting from Star Trek episodes, Jimmy."

However, their efforts are less than successful.

"Because we weren't already trying that despite having lethal weapons.

Luckily for our heroes, Marian is out of character from the game, too. Instead of being a victim, she’s a kickass police officer and she’s flying the brother’s jet fighter. Because naturally martial artists have a jet fighter shaped like a dragon.

There's one recipe the Iron Chef didn't approve.

And the dragon is taken down. Well, actually the Lee brothers’ father shows up and gives them some mystical lessons that they used to absorb the Dragon Force into themselves, destroying the statue but that isn’t nearly as cool as blasting it with mint-flavored napalm missiles, is it?


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Don’t forget to head to Spacebooger’s before the end of Sunday to see all the other fighters and choose the Round 11 winner. And why not join us next tournament or even the final round next week? Check his Tuesday night post for details.

By the way, the Lee brothers’ father is named Stan. Did I mention this is a Marvel comic?

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