"Hey, I'm trying to watch Teen Titans!"

Young Justice #1

DC Comics (April 2011)

WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco
ARTIST: Mike Norton
COLORIST: Alex Sinclair
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Michael McCalister
EDITORS: Scott Peterson & Jim Chadwick

Left alone in Mount Justice, Superboy encounters a strange guy named Snapper and a control room that appears and disappears, and then the Joker arrives.

What they got right: Norton’s altered his style a bit to better reflect the cartoon, which I approve of. He also draws the creepiest looking Joker yet. Sometimes minimal is best.

What they got wrong: Well, not wrong exactly. The story has just started so I’m sure any questions I have (why does Snapper and the control panel keep disappearing and reappearing, and how did the Joker get there) will be answered. I just had nothing to put here.

Recommendation: Only time will tell if anything in this comic ends up contradicted by the show, but I like it so far. Give the comic a look.

Seriously, if that's the character model they're going with, I approve.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Return of the Originals: Battle For LA, although not really a comic

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