And you thought Stanley went to pieces over a hot girl.

Adventures of the Mask #4

Dark Horse Comics (April 1996)

WRITER: Michael Eury
PENCILER: Neil Vokes
INKER: Jay Geldhof
LETTERER: Clem Robins
DESIGNER: Julie Gassaway
EDITOR: Greg Vest

A supervillainess named Bombshell, who can bewitch men, including the Mask and Kellaway, and blows exploding kisses, begins her crime spree at the Edge City Bank. Peggy realizes how her whammies work when cold-ridden Doyle is unaffected.

What they got right: Another original character, and one that I think the show could have utilized. (Animated Mask didn’t have any memorable lady villains that I recall.) Sure the “women who uses powers to bewitch men” bit has been done, but it’s used quite well here, where even Kellaway and the Mask are affected.

What they got wrong: In the cartoon the mayor is a black man, but while the character model is right, he’s colored as a white man.

Recommendation: I doubt there will be any issue of this series that I won’t recommend, and since 12 were produced, you’ll be seeing positive recommendations for the next few old comics reviews.

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