Russel T. takes another shot at Matt Smith

Doctor Who #2

IDW Publishing (February 2010)

WRITER: Tony Lee
ARTISTS: Richard Piers Rayner, Horacio Domingues, and Tim Hamilton
COLORIST: Phil Elliott
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton
COVER “A” (shown): Tommy Lee Edwards

Arriving in Whitechapel, London during the days of Jack The Ripper, the Doctor learns who the Ripper is, an alien lizard, but is himself pegged as the murderer. Rory and Amy are drawn into the investigation and meet a detective being hounded by a jerk reporter.

What they got right: I like how Lee writes the Doctor, Amy, and Rory. They make a great team.

What they got wrong: As much as I love Lee’s Doctor Who (which is obvious to anyone who has read any of my reviews on his run), Jack the Ripper? It’s starting to become a sci-fi cliché (I blame Star Trek). Maybe it’s just me but does anybody remember that a group of dead women never received justice as the Ripper got away with being a serial killer? Plus the art isn’t my style so maybe I can’t judge if its good, but I don’t like it, especially in a comic.

Recommendation: While I can’t give it the strong recommendation I usually give Tony Lee’s Doctor Who stories, it’s still worth a look if only to see if he can do something with this story.

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