Members of the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fan Club” were able to see this teaser for Saban’s second attempt at footage-mixing gold, this time in syndication: VR Troopers!

You’ll notice a few differences when you watch the first episode.

I probably should have gone with season 2, as by then the characters were better defined and I think it knew what it wanted to be. Also, the American versions of the costumes were improved, and the other show they used had more interesting armor, and introduced some interesting new characters, plus you had an original set and costume for Grimlord to run around in. Besides, who doesn’t want to have a huge face offering you monsters and information?

(Yes, I know what it’s called, but I couldn’t find any decent websites with pictures AND background information on the show. The internet shows little love to the Metal Hero wing of the otherwise informative tokusatsu community.)

In addition to the Metalder footage, JB and Kaitlin’s battle footage came from another of the Metal Hero programs, Dimensional Warrior Spielban. Although none of these shows ever connected, I think they did a good job of combining them into one, even if Ryan was always conveniently separated from his friends.

The search for Tyler didn’t factor enough in early episodes, until a five-part arc that revealed he was Grimlord’s captive. On the other hand I remember one called “Oh, Brother” with two feuding brothers, students of Ryan’s. Personally I hated the kids, and I don’t usually drop the hate grenades on kid characters.

There is quite a bit of stock footage used in battles. In order to make Grimlord’s army seem larger, there are numerous episodes that reuse the same footage of the Trooper’s vehicles blowing up Grimlord’s flying and ground-based forces. There is actually is some US footage with the “Battle Grid” segments. I mentioned this in one of the History of the Power Rangers postings.

The part that seems most useless? Jeb. Sure he does more than Ferbus on Saban’s Masked Rider, but did this show really need a talking dog doing a bad Jack Nicholson impersonation?

Someday maybe I’ll post one of these later season episodes, but at least I really like the concept (although how Virtual Reality works in this show is a bit odd) and the characters. You may not agree, and I’m not sure this two-parter would convince you if you’re not a big armored heroes fan like I am, but I would recommend trying this series out as a whole. It’s a good show.

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