Guess what his favorite cartoon is.

Adventures of the Mask #7

Dark Horse Comics (July 1996)

WRITER: Michael Eury
PENCILER: Neil Vokes
INKER: Jay Geldhof
LETTERER: Clem Robins
DESIGNER: Julie Gassaway
EDITOR: Greg Vest

When the Mask plays around at the TV-Tube Awards, a TV addict calling himself Couch Potato (who uses a flying couch and a remote control that controls people) decides to embarrass the hero. Stanley takes the defeat hard until he discovers the weakness of Couch Potato’s machine and gets payback.

What they got right: I do love the TV parodies, and Couch Potato is certainly a villain you’d expect from this show and the comic spin-off.

What they got wrong: I know it’s a comedy and occasional parody, but having Couch Potato reveal so much about himself in one shot seems a bit forced to move the story around. Even the Mask calls him on it.

Recommendation: Still recommending this series.

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