The Fourth Doctor's so surprised about how much he needs a haircut his eyes are popping out.

Doctor Who Classics: The Seventh Doctor #4

IDW Publishing (May 2011)

originally presented in Doctor Who Magazine #140-142

WRITER: Simon Furman
ARTIST: Kevin Higgins
WRITER: John Freeman
ARTIST: Lee Sullivan
UK EDITOR: Richard Starkings
IDW EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton
IDW COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
IDW DESIGNER: Amauri Osorio

In the first story, the Doctor talks a salvage operator into helping with a rescue. In the second, the Doctor deals with faces from the past that aren’t as they seem, from old Companions to his past selves.

What they got right: Simon Furman has never been my favorite writer, as anyone who has read my reviews of his work can attest. However, and maybe because it’s a short story, this one wasn’t that bad, following the character Keepsake rather than the Doctor. Sometimes it’s nice to see how other people see him. The second story brings back the Companions, kind of, and harkens back to previous Doctor adventures. I expected a team-up story and while this wasn’t, it still worked.

What they got wrong: Did the comics ever have a good team-up story in the comics?

Recommendation: This issue may not be exciting enough if you’re just starting but decent enough if you’ve been following the comics all this time.

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