"Why do you want me to call out the name of dairy products, Sam?"

Transformers: Rising Storm #4


IDW Publishing (May 2011)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Carlos Magno
COLORISTS: Aburtov & Graphikslava
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt
COVER “A” (shown): Brian Rood
ALTERNATE COVER: Carlos Magno (art) and J. Brown

Shockwave breaks Fearswoop out of NEST headquarters and trashes the place, including a few Autobots. Elita escapes Astrotrain to warn Optimus about Shockwave, but she is instantly killed by the Decepticon upon his arrival. Fearswoop meets his end by Wheeljack’s force field, and Prime beats the headlights out of Shockwave until a huge tail smack into Optimus, allowing Shockwave to escape. Starscream is less than pleased that he was used as bait, and Epps declares he’s retiring from NEST.

What they got right: Assuming everything is in line with the upcoming movie, Barber did a good job of setting up the events for it.

What they got wrong: Elita wasn’t really “fleshed out” by this story and I found myself not really caring about her fate. Also, after seeing J. Brown’s color work on the incentive cover I wish he had gotten the coloring job instead of the team they used. His colors were more vibrant, although I suppose that’s in keeping with the Transformers as they appear in the movie.

Recommendation: If you’re really into the Movieverse it’s a good read. Otherwise, I wouldn’t call it a “must have” comic.

He's going to need asprin and a body shop.

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