...and Spider-Man.

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Vol. 2 #14

featuring:  Thor (and Spider-Man)

Marvel Comics (July 2011)

(reprinting Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up #4)

INSPIRATION: Gerry Conway & Ross Andru
SCRIPT: Todd Dezago
INKER: Scott Koblish
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COLORS: Digital Rainbow
EDITOR: John Barber
CONSULTING EDITORS: Mackenzie Cadenhead & Ralph Macchio

Spider-Man and Thor join forces when events allow trolls to freeze time on both Earth and Asgard.

What they got right: As good as the story was, and how they defeated the bad guy rather inspired, the art is great, just how a comic books should look to my eyes. Thor and Spidey work well together in this story and I like the part where they’re talking about trash talking and TV shows while beating up trolls. That’s comics.

What they got wrong: This is a reprint of Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up, which doesn’t exist in this continuity and was as I recall simply a rewrite of classic Spider-Man stories. Tobin brought continuity to this title and seeing it stripped of that just to show off the latest movie character bothers me. This also means that Thor gets solo billing in a story from a Spider-Man comic. That’s not right.

Recommendation: Continuity problems aside, this is a great story and if you didn’t read it the first (two) time(s), here’s another chance. You should take it.

Won't spoil the ending, but that's what makes the scene work.

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