I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the way Steelbeak is looking at Quiverwing.

Darkwing Duck #12

Boom Studios/Kaboom (May 2011)

WRITER: Ian Brill
ARTIST (including cover “a”): James Silvani
COLORIST: Lisa Moore
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
COVER COLOR/ARTIST COVER “B”(shown): Amy Mebberson

Duckthulu awakens, but he isn’t working for FOWL, he’s just planning to consume everyone’s souls. Morgana is able to stall and eventually stop the dark entity, but not without a terrible price.

This is the part where I usually tell you what they did right and wrong, but while the finale is satisfying (provided a certain party isn’t gone yet), I really can’t say anything that I don’t usually say. The art is good, the writing on par with the better episodes of the show. Overall I have no complaints and encourage everyone to buy this series every month. However, nothing really stands out, which in this case in still a compliment, or at least intended as one.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Young Justice #4 (because I’m not reading in alphabetical order this week for some reason)


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